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Chapter headings and selected papers: Linear Controller Design I. A design method of simultaneous stabilizing controller using filtered inverse systems (K. Yamada). Linear Design Methods - Discrete Time. High performance tracking control system under measurement constraints by multi-rate control (Y. Gu, M. Tomizuka). Nonlinear Design Methods. Inverse optimal stabilization for feedforward nonlinear systems (T. Ahmed-Ali et al.). Control of Mechanical Systems. Vibration control of an underactuated mechanical system: control design through averaging analysis (K.-S. Hong et al.). Control of Systems with Saturation and Friction. Robust controller design for uncertain time-delay systems containing saturating actuators (H. Su et al.). A learning approach to stick-slip friction compensation (S.-I. Cho, I.-J. Ha). Switching and Variable Structure Control. A new approach to control of dynamic systems with unilateral constraints (B.M. Miller, J. Bentsman). Predictive Control. A generalised predictive controller for linear time-varying systems (Z. Li, H. Unbehauen). Control of Systems with Delays. Study on the robust control design of measure differential systems (D. Yue et al.). Control of integrator processes with long dead-time (Y.-C. Tian et al.). Linear Controller Design II. A design method of low sensitivity control systems - simultaneous design of controller and plant (K. Yamada). Pole Assignment / Eigenstructure Assignment. Robust output feedback stabilization using genetic algorithm (H.K. Tam, J. Lam). Tracking: Competitive Trends. Practical tracking with settling time: bounded control for robot motion (A. Kokosy). Sensor Guided Control and Learning with Applications. Ocular dynamics and control (C.F. Martin, L. Schovanec).


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