Contributions to Thermal Physiology - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080273549, 9781483190211

Contributions to Thermal Physiology

1st Edition

Satellite Symposium of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Pécs, Hungary, 1980

Editors: Z. Szelényi M. Székely
eBook ISBN: 9781483190211
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1981
Page Count: 578
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Advances in Physiological Sciences, Volume 32: Contributions to Thermal Physiology is a collection of papers that details the advances in the understanding of the thermal aspects of physiology. The first part of the title presents articles about central nervous control of body temperature, while the second part covers papers about fever. Next, the selection deals with brain cooling, along with thermoregulation and sleep. The fifth part covers phylogenic aspects of temperature regulation, while the sixth part tackles acclimation. Next, the selection talks about age-related difference in temperature regulation and the peripheral effector mechanisms. The text also covers the brown adipose tissue and the relevance of exercise in regulating body temperature. The book will be of great interest to students, researchers, and practitioners of medicine and biology.

Table of Contents


Central Nervous Control of Body Temperature

Functional Anatomy of the Hypothalamus from the Point of View of Temperature Regulation

CNS Control of Body Temperature

Self Correction of Spinal Temperature by Rats

Behavioral and Autonomic Cold Defense of Pigeons Modified by Central and Peripheral Thermal Stimulation

Effects of Nucleus Raphe Lesions and P-CPA on Temperature Regulation and Day-Night Rhythm of Body Temperature in Pigeons

Influence of Low Ambient Temperature on Camp Concentration in the Preoptic Region of the Rat

Role of Dopamine in Thermoregulatory Mechanisms in the Rat

Thermoregulatory Changes Following the Menopause

Effects of Central Administration of Peptides on Body Temperature of the Rabbit

Thermoregulatory Responses to Intrahypothalamic Injections of TRH in Pigeons

The Effect of Capsaicin on Thermoregulation and Thermosensitive Neurons in the Neonatal Rat

Thermolytic Mechanisms in Capsaicin-Desensitized Rats

Impairment in Thermoregulatory Behavior Induced by Capsaicin

Different Afferent Temperature Inputs of Single Dorsal Horn Neurones in Rats

Convergency of Different Temperature Sensitive Afferents to Rat Dorsal Horn Neurones Revealed by Stimulation of Scrotal Temperature Receptors with Ca

Effect of Acute Increase in Body Temperature on the Excitatory and Inhibitory Synaptic Transmission of Fish Spinal Cord

The Control of Shivering by the Afferents from Thermoreceptors of the Subcutaneous Veins

Thermosensitivity of Single Units in the Hypothalamic Slices In Vitro

Thermoreactivity and Thermosensitivity of Rostral Brainstem Neurons in an Avian Species, the Pekin Duck

Cold Defense Activity of Pekin Ducks during General Hypothermia in Comparison to Heat Defense during Hyperthermia: Effect of POAH Cooling on Threshold and Gain

Responses of Single Units of the Thermosensitive Preoptic Area (POA) to Hypercapnia

Correlations between Neuronal Responses in Different Nuclei of the Thermoafferent System

Threshold Characteristics of Central Thermoresponsive Neurons

Tail Temperature in Rat during Thermal Stimulation of the Hypothalamus and Scrotum

Thermoregulatory Pathways from Cutaneous Thermoreceptors to the Hypothalamus via Noradrenergic and Serotonergic Pontine Regions

Effects of Single Waves of Cortical Spreading Depression on Thermoregulatory Behavior

Hypothalamic and Reticular Lesions Produced by Chronically Implanted Electrodes: Effects on the Hibernation Cycle of Spermophilus lateralis

The Cause of Restraint Hypothermia Induced in Cold Exposed Rats


Fever in Early Life

Survival Value of Fever

Control Mechanisms of Fever

Responses of Lizards to Pyrogens

Reduction of Plasma Zinc and Iron Concentrations in Febrile Cows with E. Coli Mastitis. The Role of Endotoxin

Emotional Fever and Salicylate

The Effects of a Protein Synthesis Inhibitor on the Thermoregulatory Responses to Bacterial Pyrogen, Endogenous Pyrogen and to Prostaglandin E2

Effector Activities during Onset-Phase of Fever in Rabbits

Change in Lysosomal Enzyme Activity during LPS Fever in the Ox

Behavioral and Autonomic Responses to Pyrogen in Newborn Rabbits

Brain Cooling

Selective Brain Cooling: An Important Component of Thermal Physiology

Exercise Induced Selective Brain Cooling in the Ox

Pyrogen Fever and Selective Brain Cooling in the Ox

Effects on Heat Production of Cooling Preferentially the Head of the Conscious Goose

Thermoregulation and Sleep

Sleep and Temperature Regulation

Interaction between Emotional Arousal and Thermoregulation in the Rabbit

Role of the Preoptic Thermosensitive Zone in Sleep Behavior

Thermoregulatory Effector Mechanism Activity during Sleep in Pigeons

Bioelectrical Activity and Temperature of the Brain during Emotional Responses

Rectal Temperature Patterns during Sleep Related to Room Temperature

Phylogenic Aspects of Temperature Regulation

Evolution from Ectothermia towards Endothermia

Thermoregulation in Dinosaurs

Temperature Compensation of General and Tissue Metabolism under Poikilo-, Hetero- and Homeothermia

The Effects of Temperature on Heat Exchange and Oxygen Consumption in Two Sympatric New Zealand Lizards


Basic Mechanisms in Longtime Thermal Adaptation

Acclimatization to Heat in Man: Giant or Windmill? A Critical Reappraisal

Upward Shifting of the Central Temperature in Adaptation to Chronic Heat and High Altitude

Comparison of Sweating Reactions between Subtropical and Temperate Natives

Morphological Changes of the Eccrine Sweat Glands of Japanese Monkey after Heat Acclimation: The Mechanism of Peripheral Adaptation

Heat Tolerance and Evaporative Heat Loss in Various Strains of Rats

Cold Acclimation in the Secretory Function of the Exocrine and Endocrine Pancreas of Rats

Glucagon and Temperature Acclimation

The Resting Membrane Potential of Muscle Fibers during Cold Adaptation

The Cooling Rate of Swimming Rats as a Measure of Cold Tolerance

Effect of Heat on Biosynthesis of Mitochondrial Protein Components and ATPase in the Rat Liver

Age-Related Differences in Temperature Regulation

Ontogeny of Temperature Regulation: Prenatal Features

Minimal Metabolic Rate (MMR) of the 3-12-Hour Newborn Rabbit Increased by Maternal Cold Acclimation or Triiodothyronine Treatment

Inhibition of Metabolism by Reverse T3 (3,3', 5'-Triiodothyronine) in the Lamb

The Central Effect of Noradrenaline and Dopamine on Thermoregulation in the Newborn Guinea Pig

Annual Blood Catecholamine, Thyroxine, Lipid and Glucose Levels in Growing and Fully-Grown Reindeer

The Effect of Age, Ambient Temperature, Hypoxia and Hypercapnia on Body Temperature and Thermoregulatory Heat Production in the Guinea Pig

Dopaminergic Involvement in Thermoregulatory Deficits in Elderly Rodents

Thermoregulation in Humans of Different Ages during Thermal Transients

Peripheral Effector Mechanisms

Peripheral Effector Mechanisms of Temperature Regulation — Regulation by Vascular Activities

Reflex and Myogenic Components of Vascular Thermoregulatory Reactions

Cold-Induced Vasomotor Oscillation in Rabbit's Ear and the Effector Mechanisms

Paradoxical Effects of Temperature on Skin Arteriovenous Anastomoses

Hypothalamic Heating in the Dog and the Effect of Alpha and Beta Blockade on Blood Flow to the Tongue and Nose

The Importance of Pilomotor Response in Temperature Regulation

Peripheral Effector Mechanisms of Temperature Regulation - the Regulation of Sweating Activities in Primates

Heat Induced Regional Sweating in Resting Subjects

Dermatomal Inhibition of Sweating by Skin Pressure

Influence of Circadian Rhythm on Evaporative Heat Loss in Birds

Peripheral Effector Mechanisms of Thermoregulation - Regulation of Panting

Reduced Hyperthermic Response to Intraventricular Noradrenaline in Dehydrated Rabbits

The Activity of Motor Units of the Cat Intercostal Muscles during Cold Shivering

Importance of Blood Flow to Calorigenic Organs in Non-Shivering Thermogenesis Induced by Norepinephrine

The Role of the Product of Arterial Concentration of Noradrenaline and Transcapillary Flow in the Thermogenic Control System

Mechanisms of Propranolol Induced Hypothermia in Birds

Shivering during Tonic Immobility in Birds

Baroreflexive and Other Components in the Inhibition of Shivering by Noradrenaline (NA) in the Pigeon

Glucose Uptake by Skeletal Muscle from Acute Cold Exposed Diabetic Rats

A Linear Model of Heat Transfer through Multi-Layer Clothing Assemblies

Measurements of Thermal Insulation Values of Clothing Assemblies

Brown Adipose Tissue

Current Topics in Brown Adipose Tissue Research

A Possible Metabolic Effect of Membrane Depolarization in Brown Adipose Tissue

Physiological Uncoupling in Brown Fat Mitochondria

Peroxisomes in Brown Fat

Gap Junctional and Sympathetic Nerve Development in the Rat Brown Adipose Tissue

Characterization of (³H)Dihydroergocryptine Binding Sites on Intact Brown Adipocytes

An Attempt to Differentiate between α- and ß-Adrenergic Respiratory Responses in Hamster Brown Fat Cells

The Influence of Thyroxine on Brown Fat Thermogenesis

Differentiation of the Brown Adipose Tissue in the Hamster: Evidence of a Trophic Role of the Sympathetic Innervation

Reactivation of Brown Adipose Tissue on Obese Hyperglycemic ob/ob Mice by Cold-Adaptation

Effects of Cold and Hypoxia on Diet-Induced Thermogenesis

Functional Changes in Brown Adipose Tissue of Diabetic-Obese (db/db) Mice

Brown Fat Reaction to Extreme Exposures

Effects of Cold Exposure on Lipoprotein Lipase Activity in Brown Adipose Tissue of Mice

Perinatal Regulation of Brown Fat Lipid Metabolism; Effect of Ambient Temperature

The Functional Efficacy of BAT in Cold and After Noradrenaline Injection: Dependence on Size of Animal and on Integumental Isolation Value

Exercise and Performance

Exercise and Temperature Regulation

Respiratory and Circulatory Adjustments in Evaporative Heat Loss of Dogs at Rest and Exercise

Effects of Heatstroke, Dehydration and Exercise on Blood Enzyme Levels in the Dog

Rational Indices of Heat Stress and Strain in Warm Environments



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