Key Features

  • The arrangement of chapters follows the curriculum of oral pathology courses in most dental schools.
  • The logical organization provides a consistent, accessible approach to text content.
  • Complete, yet concise coverage includes the most essential and practical information.
  • Full-color photos of oral lesions assist with the clear identification and diagnosis of oral conditions.
  • Key Terms presented at the beginning of each chapter are highlighted within the chapter text to assist in content review.
  • Chapter outlines begin each chapter to facilitate the location of important topics.
  • A comprehensive bibliography, divided by pathologic topic, is presented at the end of each chapter to help readers find supplemental literature quickly.
  • Three highly accomplished authors with a broad range of clinical research and classroom teaching experience ensure well-balanced coverage of the entire subject.

Table of Contents

  • Developmental disturbances of the oral region
  • Cysts of the oral regions
  • Infections of teeth and bone
  • Bone lesions
  • Odontogenic tumors
  • Epithelial disorders
  • Oral infections
  • Immune-mediated disorders
  • Connective tissue lesions
  • Salivary gland disorders
  • Physical and chemical injuries
  • Diseases of the blood


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