Conjugation-Dependent Carcinogenicity and Toxicity of Foreign Compounds, Volume 27

1st Edition

Serial Volume Editors: M. Anders Wolfgang Dekant
Hardcover ISBN: 9780120329274
eBook ISBN: 9780080581187
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 16th May 1994
Page Count: 519
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Table of Contents

J.A. Miller and Y.-J. Surh, Historical Perspectives on Conjugation-Dependent Bioactivation of Foreign Compounds. Glutathione-Dependent Toxicity: C. Andersson, E. Mosialou, R. Weinander, and R. Morgenstern, Enzymology of Microsomal Glutathione S-Transferase. B. Ketterer and L.G. Christodoulides, Enzymology of Cytosolic Glutathione S-Transferases. A.J.L. Cooper, Enzymology of Cysteine S-Conjugate b-Lyases. W. Dekant, S. Vamvakas,and M.W. Anders, Formation and Fate of Nephrotoxic and Cytotoxic Glutathione S-Conjugates: Cysteine Conjugate b-Lyase Pathway. T.A. Baille and K. Kassahun, Reversibility in Glutathione-Conjugate Formation. T.J. Monks and S.S. Lau, Glutathione Conjugation as a Mechanism for the Transport of Reactive Metabolites. F.P. Guengerich, Metabolism and Genotoxicity of Dihaloalkanes. R. Munday, Bioactivation of Thiols by One-Electron Oxidation. N. Ballatori, Glutathione Mercaptides as Transport Forms of Metals. Sulfate Conjugate-Dependent Toxicity: C.N. Falany and T.W. Wilborn, Biochemistry of Cytosolic Sulfotransferases Involved in Bioactivation. C.J. Michejda and M.B.K. Koepke, Carcinogen Activation by Sulfate Conjugate Formation. Glucuronide Conjugate-Dependent Toxicity: K.W. Bock UDP-Glucuronsyltransferases and Their Role in Metabolism and Disposition of Carcinogens. P. Zia-Amirhosseini, H. Spahn-Langguth, and L.Z. Benet, Bioactivation of Glucuronide-Conjugate Formation. Bioactivation and Bioconversion: P.E. Hanna, N-Acetyltransferases, O-Acetyltransferases, and N,O-Acetyl


Each volume of Advances in Pharmacology provides a rich collection of reviews on timely topics. Emphasis is placed on the molecular basis of drug action, both applied and experimental. Conjugation reactions have long been associated with the detoxification of xenobiotics. Recent studies suggest that Phase II reactions are an important mechanism for the bioactivation of xenobiotics. This special volume of Advances in Pharmacology features a two-color dust jacket.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Summarizes the most recent information on:

  • Xenobiotic conjugation
  • Drug toxicity, hypersensitivity, and targeting Chemical carcinogenesis
  • Glutathione-, sulfate conjugate-, and glucuranide conjugate-dependent toxicity
  • Bioactivation and bioconversion


Researchers in biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology.


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@from:Praise for the Serial @qu:"The book provides superb reading material which chemists and pharmacologists interested in the area of chemotherapy will surely enjoy reading." @source:--JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES

About the Serial Volume Editors

M. Anders Serial Volume Editor

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University of Rochester; Department of Pharmacology, New York, U.S.A.

Wolfgang Dekant Serial Volume Editor

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Universitat Wurzburg