Analysis of the great demand for this work over a number of years has revealed that conference participants and interpreters, for whom the manual was primarily intended, are by no means alone in appreciating the usefulness and reliability of this unique publication. Whilst the editor has taken account of a small number of linguistic refinements and preferences in recent conference usage and has carefully reviewed the original material, he has seen no reason to enlarge the scope or alter the format of the previous edition - both these features of an essentially concise handbook having clearly met the practical requirements of its many users. For this edition the number of languages has been increased to include Hungarian.

Table of Contents

A. Types of Meetings

B. Preparation of the Meeting

1. Invitations and Convocations

2. Conditions Under which the Meeting is Held

3. Recruitment of Staff, Contracts

C. Documents

1. Basic Documents

2. Agenda, Resolutions, Programmes, etc

3. Reports, Memoranda, etc

4. Minutes, Bulletins Press Releases, Records

5. List of Delegates, etc

6. Subdivision of a Document

7. Amendments, Addenda, Corrigenda

8. Preparation, Duplication, and Distribution

9. The International Instrument

D. Composition of a Conference

1. Participants

2. Officers

3. Secretariat

4. Equipment of the Hall

E. Votes and Elections

1. Purpose and Conditions of a Vote or an Election

2. Forms and Methods of Voting, and Electoral Procedure

3. Conclusion of the Vote or Election

4. Announcement of the Result

5. Consequences of the Voting (the Election)

F. Debates

1. Opening of the Debate

2. Chairmanship

3. Order of Items

4. Granting and Withdrawal of the Right to Speak

5. Enforcement of the Rules of Procedure, Precedents

6. The Debate

7. Motions and Decisions

8. Maintenance of Order

9. Closure of the Debate

Alphabetical Indexes

1. English

2. Français

3. Español

4. Pyccкий

5. Italiano

6. Deutsch

A. Catégories de Réunions

B. Préparation de la Réunion

1. Invitations et Convocations

2. Conditions de la Réunion

3. Recrutement du personnel, Contrats

C. Documents

1. Documents de Base


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@qu:Those engaged in conference interpreting will need no urging to acquire this improved version, while its utility in libraries housing U.N. documents and other bilingual and polylingual materials of this type is obvious. @source:N.Y. Library Journal