Key Features

  • Efficiently absorb each topic through a self-contained two-page spread: one page of concise text, and a corresponding page of carefully selected, full-color illustrations – mostly from Gartner & Hiatt’s Color Textbook of Histology 3rd Edition.
  • Access the full text online at, and test your knowledge with an online testing centre providing students with class style tests using electron and photomicrographs, cross referenced to the corresponding sections of the textbook.
  • See the relevance of histology to the practice of medicine with the aid of clinical consideration boxes interspersed throughout the text.
  • Gain a rich and accurate understanding of histology thanks to the expertise and skillful teaching style of bestselling authors Drs. Gartner and Hiatt.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Histology and Basic Histological Techniques  

 2 Cytoplasm  

 3 Nucleus  

 4 Extracellular Matrix  

 5 Epithelium and Glands  

 6 Connective Tissue  

 7 Cartilage and Bone  

 8 Muscle  

 9 Nervous Tissue  

10 Blood and Hemopoiesis  

11 Circulatory System  

12 Lymphoid (Immune) System  

13 Endocrine System  

14 Integument  

15 Respiratory System  

16 Digestive System: Oral Cavity  

17 Digestive System: Alimentary Canal  

18 Digestive System: Glands  

19 Urinary System  

20 Female Reproductive System  

21 Male Reproductive System  

22 Special Senses  




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