Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World - 1st Edition

Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World

1st Edition

Imprint: Elsevier Science
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Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World is an authoritative single-volume reference resource comprehensively describing the major languages and language families of the world.

It will provide full descriptions of the phonology, semantics, morphology, and syntax of the world’s major languages, giving insights into their structure, history and development, sounds, meaning, structure, and language family, thereby both highlighting their diversity for comparative study, and contextualizing them according to their genetic relationships and regional distribution.

Based on the highly acclaimed and award-winning Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, this volume will provide an edited collection of almost 400 articles throughout which a representative subset of the world's major languages are unfolded and explained in up-to-date terminology and authoritative interpretation, by the leading scholars in linguistics.

In highlighting the diversity of the world’s languages — from the thriving to the endangered and extinct — this work will be the first point of call to any language expert interested in this huge area. No other single volume will match the extent of language coverage or the authority of the contributors of Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World.

Key Features

  • Extraordinary breadth of coverage: a comprehensive selection of just under 400 articles covering the world's major languages, language families, and classification structures, issues and disputes
  • Peerless quality: based on 20 years of academic development on two editions of the leading reference resource in linguistics, Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics
  • Unique authorship: 350 of the world's leading experts brought together for one purpose
  • Exceptional editorial selection, review and validation process: Keith Brown and Sarah Ogilvie act as first-tier guarantors for article quality and coverage
  • Compact and affordable: one-volume format makes this suitable for personal study at any institution interested in areal, descriptive, or comparative language study - and at a fraction of the cost of the full encyclopedia


The content of this reference work is foundational to most topics in descriptive and comparative linguistics. It will therefore be an indispensable resource for all students and faculty staff across the whole linguistics field.


Elsevier Science
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Reviews of Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2nd edition "An awe-inspiring project of breath-taking scope, bringing together a distinguished list of internationally recognized editors and authors.” -Mark Steedman, University of Edinburgh, UK "An extraordinary resource, encompassing a comprehensive breadth of major topics in all aspects of language and linguistics, the perspectives of leading scholars, and regional viewpoints from around the world! It does look to be an impressive undertaking, alright." -Alister Cumming, Professor and Head, Modern Language Centre, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada "With over 3,000 articles and 39,000 references, this volume is vital to all college-level libraries as the most comprehensive language resource of its kind.” -John Aiello, The Electric Review, May 2005. "From people who enjoy browsing through encyclopedias to specialists who want some basic orientation in an area near their own, readers will find ELL2E to be an outstanding source of information." -Sarah G. Thomason, William J. Gedney Collegiate Professor of Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA