Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials

Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials

2nd Edition - December 8, 2006

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  • Editor: Andreas Mortensen
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080524627
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780080451268

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Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials draws its material from the award-winning Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology, and includes updates and revisions not available in the original set. This customized collection of articles provides a handy reference for materials scientists and engineers with an interest in composite materials made from polymers, metals, ceramics, carbon, biocomposites, nanocomposites, wood, cement, fibers, etc.

Key Features

  • Brings together articles from the Encyclopedia of Materials: Science & Technology that focus on the essentials of composite materials, including recent updates
  • Every article has been commissioned and written by an internationally recognized expert and provides a concise overview of a particular aspect of the field
  • Enables rapid reference; extensive bibliographies, cross-referencing and indexes guide the user to the most relevant reading in the primary literature
  • Covers areas of active research, such as biomaterials and porous materials


Faculty and postgraduate research students in materials science and technology and related disciplines, especially physics, chemistry, engineering and biomedical science; also researchers and staff in industry and government

Table of Contents

  • Alphabetical listing of articles
    Aircraft Materials, R. Boyer ▪ Alternative Techniques for Manufacturing Composite Aerospace Designs, Cost of, Williamson ▪ Asbestos, F. Habashi ▪ Automotive Body Materials, A. M. Sherman, A. R. Krause, P. A. Friedman, D. A. Steenkamer and D. Q. Huston ▪ Automotive Chassis/Suspension Materials, G. Cole ▪ Bearing Materials: Plain Bearings, G.C. Pratt ▪ Biological Materials: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties, P. Calvert ▪ Biomimetic Materials: Properties and Processing, P. Calvert ▪ Bitumens: Modified, P. Nayler ▪ Block Copolymers as Precursors to Porous Materials, T.P. Russell and J.L. Hecrick ▪ Block Copolymers as Templates for Functional Materials, R.E. Cohen ▪ Bone and Natural Composites: Properties, J. D. Currey ▪ Bone Augmentation and Repair, E.L. Hedberg and A.G. Mikos ▪ Buildings: Plastics and Composites, F. J. Heger and P. A. Sharff ▪ Carbon Aerogels, H. Tamon ▪ Carbon Blacks, E.B. Senpl amd R.L. Taylor ▪ Carbon Fibers, L. M. Manocha ▪ Carbon Nanofibers, R. T. K. Baker ▪ Carbon Nanotubes, S. Subramoney ▪ Carbon-Carbon Composites, W. J. Lackey ▪ Ceramic Fibers from Polymer Precursors, K. Okamura ▪ Ceramic Matrix Composites with Roughly Equiaxed Reinforcements: Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior, G. Fantozzi and J. Chevalier ▪ Ceramic Matrix Composites: Applications, K. M. Prewo and W. K. Tredway ▪ Ceramic Matrix Composites: Matrices and Processing, R. R. Naslain ▪ Ceramic Nanocomposites with Organic Phases, Optics of, A. Biswas, C. S. Friend and P. N. Prasad ▪ Ceramic-modified High-temperature Polymers, Z. Ahmad ▪ Ceramics and Glasses, Sol-Gel Synthesis of, P.P. Thulé and T.E. Wood ▪ Ceramics: Whisker Toughening, P.F. Becher ▪ Cermets and Hardmetals, D. Mari ▪ Clay-based Polymer Nanocomposites, A. Usuki ▪ Composite Dental Materials: Wear, K. Goovaerts, P. Lambrechts, J. De Munck, L. Bergmans and B. Van Meerbeek ▪ Composite Materials, Microstructural Design of, M. F. Ashby ▪ Composite Materials: Environmental Effects, A. R. Bunsell ▪ Composite Materials: Overview, A. Kelly and A. Mortensen ▪ Composites for Biomedical Applications, E. Wintermantel, J. Mayer and T. N. Goehring ▪ Composites for Sensors and Actuators, C. Boller ▪ Composites, Joining of, F. L. Matthews ▪ Composites, Microstructure of: Quantitative Description, J.-L. Chermant and M. Coster ▪ Composites, Physical Properties of, P. J. Withers ▪ Composites: Interfaces, T. W. Clyne ▪ Concrete as a Building Materials, C. K. Y. Leung ▪ Concrete: Failure Mechanics, J. G. M. van Mier ▪ Construction: Cellular Materials, F.-J. Ulm ▪ Construction Materials: Lightweight Aggregates, A.L. Bush ▪ Continuous Parallel Fiber Composites: Deformation and Strength, L. N. McCartney and W. R. Broughton ▪ Continuous Parallel Fiber Composites: Fracture, B. S. Majumdar and D. Hunston ▪ Conventional and Super Abrasive MaterialsR. Komanduri and S. Iyengar ▪ Creep and Creep-fatigue of Metal-Matrix Composites, G. F. Eggeler ▪ Creep of Bituminous Aggregates, S.F. Brown ▪ Creep of Concrete, Z. P. Bazant ▪ Creep of Particle Reinforced Materials, J. Rösler ▪ CVD Monofilaments, A. R. Bunsell ▪ Designing with Composites, S. M. Spearing and P. A. Lagace ▪ Elastic Behavior of Cellular Solids, A. M. Kraynik and M. K. Neilsen ▪ Elastic Behavior of Composites, A. Cervenka ▪ Elastic Structures in Design, H. R. Shercliff and M. F. Ashby ▪ Elasticity in Wood and Concrete: Hygromechanical Effects, J. Brauns and K. Rocens ▪ Elastomers, Ceramic-modified, J. H. Mark ▪ Elastomers, Reinforcement of, A. I. Medalia ▪ Electronic Packaging: Conductive Adhesives, A. M. Lyons ▪ Electronic Packaging: Elastomer Conductive Polymers, L. S. Buchoff ▪ Electronic Packaging: Heat Sink Materials, C. Zweben ▪ Fatigue of Particle Reinforced Materials, N. Chawla and J. E. Allison ▪ Fiber Metal Laminates, Fatigue of, A. Vlot and R. C. Alderliesten ▪ Fiber Strength, D. M. Wilson ▪ Fiberglass, N.M. Cameron and C.F. Rapp ▪ Fibers: Superabsorbant, T.F. Cooke ▪ Fibrous Reinforcements for Composites: Overview, K. K. Chawla ▪ Foams, Microrheology of, A.M. Kraynik and D.A. Reinelt ▪ Functionally Graded Materials, A. Neubrand ▪ Glass Fibers, K. K. Chawla ▪ Hard Tissues, Mechanical Properties of, J.Y. Rho ▪ High Performance Fibers, A. R. Bunsell ▪ Inorganic and Inorganic-Organic Aerogels, U. Schubert and N. Hüsing ▪ Inorganic Nanotube Materials, R. Tenne ▪ Laminates: Physical and Mechanical Behavior, L. N. McCartney ▪ Liquid Crystalline Polymers, Dispersed, E. Terentjev ▪ Lumber: Laminated Veneer, H. Sasaki ▪ Magnets: Bonded Permanent Magnets, K. H. J. Buschow ▪ Materials Selection and Mechanical Design, E. Maine and M. F. Ashby ▪ Mechanical Alloying, A. R. Jones ▪ Mechanical Testing Methods of Fibers and Composites, U. Ramamurty ▪ Membrane-based Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposites Z. Pu ▪ Mesoporous Molecular Sieves, Th. Maschmeyer, M.E. Raimondi and J.M. Seddon ▪ Metal Matrix Composites with Roughly Equiaxed Reinforcements: Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior, D. Lloyd ▪ Metal Matrix Composites, Recycling of, H. P. Degischer ▪ Metal Matrix Composites: Applications, W. H. Hunt ▪ Metal Matrix Composites: Matrices and Processing, T. W. Clyne and F. R. Jones ▪ Metallic Filaments, H. U. Künzi ▪ Mineral-filled Polymers, B. Pukánszky ▪ Modeling: Scaling Analysis (should change the title), C. L. Tucker III ▪ Nanoscale Ceramic Composites, G.S. Thompson and M.P. Harmer ▪ Natural Cellulose Fibers and Membranes: Biosynthesis, B. Rånby ▪ Natural Cellulose Fibers: Properties, L. Löhler ▪ Natural Protein Fibers, C. Viney ▪ Optical Properties of Functional Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites, C. Sanchez and B. Lebeau ▪ Organic Aerogels, R. Pekala and J. Fricke ▪ Organic Analogues to Zeolites and Mesoporous Sieves, D.L. Gin and S.A. Miller ▪ Organic-Inorganic Composite Crystals, D.B. Mitzi ▪ Paper Products: Classification, J.F. Waterhouse ▪ Paper: Creep, D.W. Coffin and C. Fellers ▪ Paper: Effects of Moisture and Temperature, D.F. Caulfield and A.H. Nissan ▪ Paper: Pulping and Bleaching, H.L. Hintz ▪ Paper: Strength and Stiffness, C. Fellers and D.W. Coffin ▪ Paper: Structure, R. Perkins ▪ Papermaking, N.A. Poirier, I.I. Pikulik and R. Gooding ▪ PES and PEEK, K. J. L. Burg and S. W. Shalaby ▪ Plastic Deformation of Cellular Materials, M. F. Ashby ▪ Polymer Composites, Friction and Wear of, K. Friedrich and R. Reinicke ▪ Polymer Fiber Processing: High-performance Fibers, T. Kitagawa ▪ Polymer Fibers: Formation and Structure, T. Kikutani ▪ Polymer Matrix Composites with Roughly Equiaxed Reinforcements: Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior, H. H. Kausch and Ph. Béguelin ▪ Polymer Matrix Composites, Recycling of, P. Sunderland ▪ Polymer Matrix Composites: Applications, A. Beukers ▪ Polymer Matrix Composites: Matrices and Processing, C. J. G. Plummer, P.-E. Bourban and J.-A. E. Månson ▪ Polymer Melt Mixing: Agglomerate Dispersion, I. Manas-Zloczower ▪ Polymer Modified Wood, M.H. Schneider ▪ Polymer Nanocomposites with Metal Dispersions, A. B. R. Mayer ▪ Polymer Transcrystallinity in Composites, R. J. Young and M. Heppenstall-Butler ▪ Polymer-based Nanocomposites by Sol-Gel Routes, Applications of, H. Schmidt and M. Stadtwald-Klenke ▪ Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposites: Catalysts, S. Wang ▪ Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposites: Ceramic Phases, P. Xu ▪ Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposites: Control of Shrinkage, M. W. Ellsworth ▪ Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposites: Interfacial Bonding Agents, C. Kumudinie ▪ Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposites: Polymer Overview, L. C. Klein and A. B. Wojcik ▪ Polymer-modified Ceramics, Y. Wei ▪ Polymer-Nonsilica Ceramic ▪ Nanocomposites, J. K. Premachandra ▪ Polymer-Silica Nanocomposites, J. Wen ▪ Polymers in Constrained Ceramic Environments, H. L. Frisch and L. Huang ▪ Porous Ceramic Processing, D. J. Green ▪ Porous Silica Xerogel, C. Jin ▪ Portland Cements, J. F. Young ▪ Powders, Solution Synthesis of, R. E. Riman ▪ Processing Flexible Polymers to High Performance Fibers, P. J. Lemstra and S. Rastogi ▪ Processing Rigid Polymers to High Performance Fibers, S. J. Picken, H. Boerstoel and M. G. Northolt ▪ Pulp and Paper: Nonfibrous Components, D.P. Rawski ▪ Radiation Effects in Carbon-Carbon Composites, T. D. Burchell ▪ Reaction Forming, K. H. Sandhage and N. Claussen ▪ Reactive Ceramic Nanocomposites with Organic and Bio-organic Phases, D. Avnir, J. Blum and O. Lev ▪ Reinforced Concrete, A. E. Naaman ▪ Roofing Materials, C.G. Cash ▪ Rubber Tires, M. B. Rodgers ▪ Sporting Materials: Ski Equipment, H. Casey ▪ Spun (Slurry and Sol-Gel) Ceramic Fibers, D. M. Wilson ▪ Superconducting Wires and Cables: Materials and Processing, P. J. Lee ▪ Supported Catalysts, J.E. Bailie, G.J. Hutcings and S. O’Leary ▪ Textile Fibers: A Comparative Overview, J. W. S. Hearle ▪ Textile Fibers: Mechanical Properties, W. Oppermann ▪ Thermally Contracting Materials, A. W. Sleight ▪ Whiskers, J. Katz ▪ Wood Composites: Mineral-bonded, A. A. Moslemi ▪ Wood Products: Decay during use, W.W. Wilcox ▪ Wood Products: Weathering, P.D. Evans ▪ Wood, Constituents of, A.G. McDonald ▪ Wood: Creep and Creep Rupture, E. Karacabeyli ▪ Wood: Macroscopic Anatomy, E. Wheeler ▪ Wood: Moisture Content, ▪ Hygroscopicity, and Sorption, I. Hartley ▪ Wood: Nonstructural Panel Processes, F. A. Kamke ▪ Wood: Nonstructural Panels, T. Adcock and M. P. Wolcott ▪ Wood: Strength and Stiffness, D.W: Green ▪ Wood: Structural Panel Processes, A. W. Boehner ▪ Wood: Structural Panels, M. R. O'Halloran ▪ Wood: Thermal Properties, T.E. Conners ▪ Wood: Ultrastructure, T.E. Conners ▪ Wood-Plastic Composites, M. P. Wolcott ▪ Xerogels, G.W. Scherrer ▪ Zeolites, A. Dyer

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  • No. of pages: 1050
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier Science 2006
  • Published: December 8, 2006
  • Imprint: Elsevier Science
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080524627
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780080451268

About the Editor

Andreas Mortensen

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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

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