This high-level aerospace reference book will be useful for undergraduate and graduate students of engineering, applied mathematics and physics. The author provides solutions for three-dimensional compressible Navier-Stokes layer subsonic and supersonic flows.

Key Features

* Computational work and experimental results show the real-world application of computational results * Easy computation and visualization of inviscid and viscous aerodynamic characteristics of flying configurations * Includes a fully optimized and integrated design for a proposed supersonic transport aircraft


University libraries and departmental/institute libraries, space centres such as NASA, DLR, DGLR, ONERA, FOI, ESA etc. American Institute of Physics; Association Francaise de Mechanique; Corporate aerospace companies such as Boeing, Airbus etc.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Zonal, Spectral Solutions for the Three-Dimensional, Compressible Navier-Stokes Layer Chapter 2. Hyperbolic Potential Boundary Value Problems of the Axial Disturbance Velocities of Outer Flow, at NSL's Edge Chapter 3. Computation of Axial Disturbance Velocities on Wedged Wings, in Supersonic Flow, at NSL's Edge Chapter 4. Computation of Axial Disturbance Velocities on Flying Configurations with Arbitrary Shapes, in Supersonic Flow, at NSL's Edge Chapter 5. The Aerodynamic Characteristics of Flying Configurations with Arbitrary Shapes, in Supersonic Flow Chapter 6. The Visualization of the Surfaces of Pressure Coefficients and Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wedged Delta and Rectangular Wings, in Supersonic Flow Chapter 7. Qualitative Analysis of the NSL's Asymptotical Behaviours in the Vicinity of its Critical Zones Chapter 8. Computation of the Friction Drag Coefficients of the Flying Configurations Chapter 9. Inviscid and Viscous Aerodynamical Global Optimal Design Chapter 10. Comparison of the Theoretical Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wing Models with Experimental Determined Results Final Remarks Book Presentation Outlook Subject Index Author Index


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About the author

Adriana Nastase

Affiliations and Expertise

Aerodynamik des Fluges, University of Technology RWTH, Aachen, Germany