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John Campbell

John Campbell OBE is a leading international figure in the castings industry, with over four decades of experience. He is the originator of the Cosworth Casting Process, the pre-eminent production process for automobile cylinder heads and blocks. He is also co-inventor of both the Baxi Casting Process (now owned by Alcoa) developed in the UK, and the newly emerging Alotech Casting Process in the USA. He is Professor Emeritus of Casting Technology at the University of Birmingham, UK.


"In this, his latest book, Prof Campbell expands and develops many of the topics that he has previously considered and includes the more conventional casting technology subjects in one complete reference guide. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on casting quality, or the minimisation of defects, and John’s passion for his subject shines through. He takes careful note of the basic science, the physics and maths of how liquids flow, cool and solidify, but does not ‘blind with science’. Indeed his many years of practical problem solving with foundries means that he recognises the many constraints faced by the methods engineer. Given that during the casting process there are so many ways in which the metal quality can be compromised, his aim throughout is for foundries to be able to produce castings of consistent quality at lowest cost. Above all he wants to encourage a considered approach to the design of the running system and to the metal supply system… The ideal book for metallurgists and foundry engineers who design, specify or manufacture metal castings and a ‘must have’ reference guide for every foundry."--Foundry