Companion to Psychiatric Studies

8th Edition


  • Andrew McIntosh
  • Eve Johnstone
  • Michael Sharpe
  • David Cunningham Owens
  • Stephen Lawrie
  • Table of Contents

    1. An introduction to psychiatry

    E C Johnstone and S M Lawrie

    2. Functional neuroanatomy

    J D Steele

    3. Neuropharmacology

    G Arbuthnott and M Garcia-Muñoz

    4. Neuroimaging

    J D Steele, S M Lawrie

    5. Basic Psychology

    J Hall and M E Stewart

    6. Social and Transcultural Aspects of Psychiatry

    B J Baig

    7. Neuropsychology

    J Hall, R E O’Carroll and C D Frith

    8. Genetics in relation to psychiatry

    D H R Blackwood, W J Muir

    9. Research methods, statistics and evidence-based practice

    A M McIntosh, M Sharpe, S M Lawrie

    10. Clinical Assessment: Interviewing and Examination

    D Cunningham Owens, P J McKenna and R Davenport

    11. Clinical Psychopharmacology

    D Cunningham Owens

    12. Psychological Therapies

    T Murphy, J Patrick and S P Llewelyn

    13. Organic disorders

    A J Carson, A Zeman, T Brown

    14. Misuse of, and dependence on, alcohol and other drugs

    M Bruce, J Chick

    15. Schizophrenia and related disorders

    S M Lawrie, J Hall, E C Johnstone

    16. Mood Disorder

    A M McIntosh, J Sussmann, G M Goodwin

    17. Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders

    M Sharpe, D Baldwin, J Walker

    18. Eating Disorders

    J Baggott, B Palmer

    19. Personality disorders

    R Darjee, K M Davidson

    20. Learning disability

    W J Muir and A G McKechanie

    21. Psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence

    P Hoare, A Stanfield

    22. Old-age psychiatry

    N H Anderson, K Woodburn

    23. Suicide and self-harm

    J Cavanagh, R S Smyth

    24. Psychiatry in general medical settings

    M Sharpe, J Walker

    25. The relationship between crime and psychiatry

    L D G Thomson, L Robinson

    26. Legal and ethical aspects of psychiatry

    S Potts, J H M Crichton,


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