Community Policing

6th Edition

A Contemporary Perspective

Print ISBN: 9781455728503
Imprint: Anderson
Published Date: 5th January 2012
Page Count: 576


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Community policing is a philosophy and organizational strategy that expands the traditional police mandate of fighting crime to include forming partnerships with citizenry that endorse mutual support and participation. The first textbook of its kind, Community Policing: A Contemporary Perspective delineates this progressive approach, combining the accrued wisdom and experience of its established authors with the latest research based insights to help students apply what is on the page to the world beyond. ’Spotlight on Community Policing Practice’ sections feature real-life community policing programs in various cities, and problem-solving case studies cover special topics.

The text has been revised throughout to include the most current developments in the field such as how the current climate of suspicion associated with terrorism threats affects the trust so necessary for community policing, and how the newest technologies can be harnessed to facilitate police interactions with citizens. Additionally, the book now explores the fragmentation of authority and emphasizes the importance of partnerships among the numerous law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and private social service agencies.

Key Features

Each chapter contains learning objectives, key terms, and discussion questions that encourage comprehension
Video and Internet links provide additional coverage of topics discussed throughout the text.
* Includes a 'Ten Principles of Community Policing' addendum


Undergraduate students in criminal justice, law enforcement, and police studies.

Table of Contents

1. The Idea of Community Policing
2. A History of Communities and Policing
3. The Changing Meaning of Community
4. The Police and Community Perception
5. Managing and Implementing Community Policing
6. Community Policing and Crime
7. Community Policing and Fear of Crime
8. Problem Solving and Policing Problem Spaces
9. Community Crime Prevention
10. Community Policing and Drugs
11. Community Policing and Special Populations
12. Toward a New Breed of Police Officer
13. Community Policing at the Crossroads

-- The Ten Principles of Community Policing


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