Community Health Care Nursing

1st Edition

Principles for Practice


  • Sheila Twinn
  • Barbara Roberts
  • Sarah Andrews
    • Print ISBN 9780750615907


    Nurses working in the community need to be increasingly flexible, innovative and well informed. This comprehensive book is designed to help them meet this challenge. It covers the common core of knowledge for all community health care nurses, and focuses on the applications of principles to community care. Developed from a research base and written at degree level, it encompasses professional and governmental policies and their implications for practice.

    Key features:
    * research-based
    * extensively referenced
    * guidance for research projects in the commuity
    * in-depth coverage of key issues
    * essential background reading for community practice and placements
    * highlights the context of nursing and the life course
    * change - the implications for practice

    The wide range of contributors, selected for their specialist knowledge in practice, education and research, reflects the complexity of nursing in the community. Authoritative and well written, the book is an ideal resource for both practitioners and students alike who wish to test their ideas or to pursue certain topics in more detail. Many of the issues raised and the principles covered are of international relevance and the book will stimulate lively discussion amongst community health care nurses wherever they practice.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction - nursing for community health: changing professional issues; PART I: CHANGES IN HEALTH CARE: Introduction; The changing organization of health care: setting the scene; Health for all, healthy cities; Secondary to primary healthcare shift; A new vision for health care; Images of disability and handicap; PART II: FRAMEWORKS FOR PRACTICE: Introduction; Philosophies, structures and traditions: implications for a framework for practice; The contract culture: purchasers and providers; Ethics and values; Levels of care and prevention: implications for practice; PART III: RESEARCH AND USING RESEARCH TO DEVELOP PRACTICE: Introduction; Understanding, use and conduct of research; Using research to inform practice; PART IV: PATTERNS OF LIVING AND WORKING: IMPLICATIONS FOR HEALTH: Introduction; Health at home; Health at school; Health in the workplace; Health in residential care; Health and homelessness; PART V: LIFECOURSE: IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: Preconception and early pregnancy; The child; The adult; Ageing; Death and dying; PART VI: INTERVENTIONS AND SKILLS FOR PRACTICE: NEEDS AND PRIORITIES: Introduction; Assessing health needs; Partnership in care; The role of the clinical nurse specialist: an approach to care; Promoting positive and healthy lifestyles; Policies affecting health care: the practitioner's role; Advocacy; Initiating and managing change; Case management; Community development: innovation in practice.


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