Table of Contents

Section 1 Personal, professional and ethical aspects of becoming a nurse

1 Becoming a nurse
2 Learning how to study and learn effectively
3 The emotional labour of nursing
4 Professional standards and rules: the professional regulatory body and the nursing student
5 Learning and working as a nursing student in a multicultural world
6 Using a ‘toolkit’ of activities in your placement

Section 2 Essentials of care delivery

7 Communication between patients, carers and health care professionals
8 Food and nutrition
9 Hygiene

Section 3 Care management

10 Working in a team
11 Managing self and setting priorities in placement
12 Decision-making in practice
13 Promoting safe practice

Appendix 1 NMC code of professional conduct
Appendix 2 NMC outcomes for entry to branch programme



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Jenny Spouse

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Formerly Associate Dean for Practice Education, St. Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwefery, City University; London, UK

Michael Cook

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Deputy Head of Education and Development, East of Englan Strategic Health Authority, East of England Multi-Professional Deanery, Cambridge, UK

Carol Cox

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Professor of Advanced Clinical Practice, St. Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, City University; London, UK