Commercial Awareness and Business Decision Making Skills

1st Edition

How to understand and analyse company financial information


  • Paul Rodgers
  • Commercial Awareness and Business Decision Making Skills

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    This book is designed to act as a financial statement phrase book and dictionary rolled into one. It will enable those new to the financial world to draw meaning from the wealth of information contained within financial documents that were previously considered out of bounds. Furthermore, although the pages within this book will be an invaluable springboard to those starting out in the world of accountancy, its primary aim is to enable commercial managers working within every facet of a business to meet clearly defined objectives. It will enable these professionals to take commercial documents and visualise how they interact with the work of an accountant, explaining why every board of management appears to focus on financial data.

    Key Features

    * Explains the impact of choices in accounting treatment upon the financial data an entity produces * Uses tools to complement the financial data, encourages asking perceptive questions that elicit answers that would not otherwise be made available * Adds value within a commercial business environment


    Junior level Management Accountants; Trainee Managers; and Business section heads will find all the core concepts explained, whilst more Senior Management including board members will come to understand how the commercial and financial worlds interact.

    Table of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction; The purpose of financial information - Getting inside the mind of an accountant - Getting inside the mind of an economist - Financial and management accounts – Why care about the differences - The building blocks - Seeing double!; Matching the Numbers to the Buying and Selling Process; The snapshot – Assets and liabilities; The Video – Income and expenses; Cash is King; The tricks people play – Provisions - Dealing with uncertainty - Commercial substance over legal form; Adding Value - Common size accounts - Ratio analysis made easy - Understanding risk; Pictures and Words – Understanding the extras;. Yet another professional – The Auditor!; Key point summary.


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    About the author

    Paul Rodgers

    Paul Rodgers trained as a chartered accountant before working in the computer industry. He subsequently moved into the training sector where he has specialised in financial and management skills for more than seventeen years, whilst keeping in touch with the commercial world as a director of a large training organisation and its publication function. Clients have included participants from international accountancy practices, banks, government departments plus a wide range of retail and service companies. Since the introduction of international accounting rules, his skills in this area have been required by numerous organisations preparing for the transition. He also continues to provide a broad spectrum of training as well as undertaking editorial assignments for both professional bodies and private clients. His most recent projects are the establishment of an accountancy division within a leading City based training company and the design of bespoke training courses for the legal sector

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Independent Financial Trainer