Haim Hanani pioneered the techniques for constructing designs and the theory of pairwise balanced designs, leading directly to Wilson's Existence Theorem. He also led the way in the study of resolvable designs, covering and packing problems, latin squares, 3-designs and other combinatorial configurations. The Hanani volume is a collection of research and survey papers at the forefront of research in combinatorial design theory, including Professor Hanani's own latest work on Balanced Incomplete Block Designs. Other areas covered include Steiner systems, finite geometries, quasigroups, and t-designs.

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Resolvable Group Divisible Designs with Block Size 3 (A.M. Assaf, A. Hartman). Minimally Projectively Embeddable Steiner Systems (L.M. Batten). The Spectra of a Variety of Quasigroups and Related Combinatorial Designs (F.E. Bennett). New Cyclic (61, 244, 40, 10, 6) BIBDs (E.J. Billington). A Unital in the Hughes Plane of Order Nine (A.E. Brouwer). Percentages in Pairwise Balanced Designs (C.J. Colbourn, V. Rödl). On Complete Arcs in Steiner Systems S(2, 3, v) and S(2, 4, v) (M.J. de Resmini). A Survey of Recent Works with Respect to a Characterization of an (n, k, d; q)-Code meeting the Griesmer Bound using a Min-Hyper in a Finite Projective Geometry (N. Hamada, M. Deza). BIBDs with Block Size Seven (H. Hanani). On Alspach's Conjecture (K. Heinrich, P. Horák, A. Rosa). Some Self-Blocking Block Designs (D. Jungnickel). The Steiner Systems S(2, 4, 25) with Nontrivial Automorphism Group (E.S. Kramer, S.S. Magliveras, R. Mathon). Balanced Tournament Designs and Related Topics (E.R. Lamken, S.A. Vanstone). Automorphisms of 2-(22, 8, 4) Designs (I. Landgev, V.D. Tonchev). Nesting of Cycle Systems of Odd Length (C.C. Lindner, C.A. Rodger, D.R. Stinson). On the (15, 5, &lgr;)-Family of BIBDs (R. Mathon, A. Rosa). Finite Bases for Some PBD-Closed Sets (R.C. Mullin). On the Constructive Enumeration of Packings and Coverings of Index One (A.J. Petrenjuk). The Existence of Simple S3(3, 4, v) (K. Phelps, D.R. Stinson, S.A. Vanstone). On Combinatorial Designs with Subdesigns (R. Rees, D.R. Stinson). Cyclical Steiner Triple Systems Orthogonal to their Opposites (S. Schreiber) Symmetric Quasigroups of Odd Order (S. Schreiber). Partitioning Sets of Quadruples into Designs I (M.J. Sharry, A.P. Street). Infinite Families of Strictly Cyclic Steiner Quadruple Systems (H. Siemon). Minimal Pairwise Balanced Designs (R.G. Stanton). Combinatorial Problems in Repeated Measurements Designs (D.J. Street). Locally Trivial t-Designs and t-Designs without Repeated Blocks (L


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