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Part 1 Colour and colour perception: What is colour? Variability in normal and defective colour vision: Consequences for occupational environments; Colour illusions and the human visual system; Colour psychology: the emotional effects of colour perception; Understanding colour perception and preference; Predicting responses to colour. Part 2 Measuring and describing colour: International standards for colour; Colour description and communication; Colour naming for colour communication; Colour specification and visual approval methods for textiles; Colour management and approval methods in lithographic printing. Part 3 Colour, design and coloration: The history of colour theory in art, design and science; Enhancing design using colour; Understanding and forecasting colour trends in design; Colour symmetry: The systematic colouration of patterns and tilings; The history of dyes and pigments: From natural dyes to high performance pigments; Dye types and application methods; Colour printing techniques. Part 4 Colour and design in particular applications: Colour trends and selection in fashion design; Colour in interior design; Colour in food; Choosing effective colours for websites; Evolution and colour change in works of art.


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J Best

Janet Best is internationally recognised as an expert in global textile colour management. Her work with inspirational designers and leading edge colour technology providers in fashion retail has developed the foundation for a vast international network of colour specialists including artists, designers, architects, colour chemists, scientists, psychologists and educators. Janet’s knowledge and passion for colour allows her to work seamlessly with a wide range of industries and professionals creating many successful entrepreneurial collaborations. Janet’s work is a clear demonstration that ‘colour has no boundaries’ and ‘every business is in the colour business’.

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Colour Management Consultant, UK


An articulate and monumental reference book... An invaluable resource for anyone serious about colour., Selvedge Magazine
This book should have pride of place in any personal or business library where potential readers work in the colour field with an emphasis on textiles, fashion and soft furnishings., Colour Group Australia
The chapters on colour standards and description provide an excellent introduction to the CIE colorimetry system. The book is a testament to the breadth of the field., Coloration Technology