Key Features

  • Find the guidance you need quickly and easily via a consistent chapter organization.
  • Increase your diagnostic accuracy thanks to nearly 600 illustrations which capture the way that conditions present in practice.
  • Implement effective therapeutic regimens with a convenient Dermatopharmacology and Topical Formulary.
  • Help your patients and their caregivers obtain better treatment outcomes with Patient Education sheets that can be photocopied and distributed.

Table of Contents

1. Structure and function of the skin

2. Evaluation of children with skin disease

3. Acne

4. Dermatitis

5. Bacterial infections (pyodermas) and spirochetal infections of the skin

6. Fungal and yeast infections of the skin

7. Infestations

8. Viral infections

9. Papulosquamous disorders

10. Sun sensitivity

11. Bullous diseases and mucocutaneous syndromes

12. Skin cysts and nodules

13. Vascular lesions

14. Vascular reactions: urticaria, erythemas and purpuras

15. Hair disorders

16. Nail disorders

17. Disorders of pigmentation: the white lesions and the brown lesions

18. Immobile and hypermobile skin

19. Genodermatoses

20. Drug eruptions

21. Skin diseases in newborns

22. Dermatopharmacology and topical formulary



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