Color Atlas of Sexual Assault

1st Edition


  • Barbara Girardin
  • Patty Seneski
  • Diana Faugno
  • Laura Slaughter
  • Margaret Whelan
    • Print ISBN 9780815138426

    Key Features

    * Features color photographs of sexual assault injuries, including adults and adolescents, to give practitioners a reference to use when trying to identify injuries in a sexual assault victim. * Presents normal variations in genitalia to contrast with assault injuries. * Provides a comparison of physical findings in consensual intercourse with physical findings of assault injury to help practitioners identify injuries. * Integrates research throughout the text to present a valid understanding of sexual assault and the physical and emotional injuries that can occur. * Presents guidelines for the physical examination procedure and integrates emotional care into the process. * Includes guidelines for giving testimony to help practitioners prepare for court cases where they may be witnesses. * Features actual case outcomes from the criminal justice system to present real-life situations to further prepare practitioners for the clinical setting. * Presents a glossary of terms related to sexual assault to increase understanding of difficult concepts, and serve as a quick reference.

    Table of Contents

    Normal Anatomy and the Human Sexual Response · Findings in Sexual Assault and in Consensual Intercourse · Findings that Result from Non-assault Injury, Infection, and Other Non-assault Variations · Care of the Sexual Assault Patient · Analysis of Four Cases · Guidelines for Giving Effective Testimony · Appendixes · A. Myths and the Reality of Sexual Assault · B. Resources for Patient Self-Help · C. Follow-Up Care Instructions: A Model · D. Highlights of the Medical-Legal Examination · E. OCJP 923 Medical-Legal Report for Suspected Acute Adult/Adolescent Assault · F. Sexual Assault Follow-Up Examination Form · G. Resources for the Examiner · Glossary of Terms Related to Sexual Assault


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