Dr. H. S. Tsien (also known as Dr. Qian Xuesen), is celebrated as the leader of the research that produced China's first ballistic missiles, its first satellite, and the Silkworm anti-ship missile.

This volume collects the scientific works of Dr. H. S. Tsien (also known as Dr. Qian Xuesen) and his co-authors, which published between 1938—1956 when he was studying and working in the United States as a graduate student, scientist and professor, when aeronautic exploration stepped up from low speed to high speed regimes and astronautic technology entered its infant stage.

Key Features

  • The author is one of the most significant Chinese scientists in the past 70 years.
  • Focuses on a series of key problems in aerodynamics, stability of shells, rocket ballistics and engine analyses.
  • Collects Tsien's work as author and co-author from his time working in the US.


Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Mechanical Engineers; Computer Engineers; Intelligent Systems specialists

Table of Contents

Boundary Layer in Compressible Fluids

Supersonic Flow over an Inclined Body of Revolution

Problems in Motion of Compressible Fluids and Reaction Propulsion

Flight Analysis of a Sounding Rocket with Special Reference to Propulsion by Successive Impulses

Two-Dimensional Subsonic Flow of Compressible Fluids

The Buckling of Spherical Shells by External Pressure

The Influence of Curvature on the Buckling Characteristics of Structures

A Method for Predicting the Compressibility Burble

The Buckling of Thin Cylindrical Shells under Axial Compression

Buckling of a Column with Non-Linear Lateral Supports

A Theory for the Buckling of Thin Shells

Heat Conduction across a Partially Insulated Wall

On the Design of the Contraction Cone for a Wind Tunnel

Symmetrical Joukowsky Airfoils in Shear Flow

The “Limiting Line” in Mixed Subsonic and Supersonic Flow of Compressible Fluids

Loss in Compressor or Turbine due to Twisted Blades

Lifting-Line Theory for a Wing in Non-uniform Flow

Atomic Energy

Two-Dimensional Irrotational Mixed Subsonic and Supersonic Flow of a Compressible Fluid and the Upper Critical Mach Number

Superaerodynamics, Mechanics of Rarefied Gases

Propagation of Plane Sound Waves in Rarefied Gases

Similarity Laws of Hypersonic Flows

One-Dimensional Flows of a Gas Characterized by van der Waals Equation of State

Flow Conditions near the Intersection of a Shock Wave with Solid Boundary

Lower Buckling Load in the Non-Linear Buckling Theory for Thin Shells

Rockets and Other Thermal Jets Using Nuclear Energy

Engineering and Engineering Sciences

On Two-Dimensional Non-steady Motion of a Slender Body in a Compressible Fluid

Wind-Tunnel Testing Problems in Superaerodynamics

Airfoils in Slightly Supersonic Flow

Interaction betw


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Tsien H S

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Formally chief engineer at Boeing, USA