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Preface Chapter 1 Mind and brain     1.0 Introduction     2.0 An invitation to mind-brain science     3.0 Some starting points 4          3.1 Distance: seven orders of magnitude          3.2 Time: ten orders of magnitude          3.3 The need to make inferences – going beyond the raw observations          3.4 The importance of convergent measures          3.5 Major landmarks of the brain     4.0 Some history, and ongoing debates          4.1 The mind and the brain          4.2 Biology shapes cognition and emotion          4.3 Cajal’s neuron doctrine: the working assumption of brain science          4.4 Pierre-Paul Broca and the localization of speech production          4.5 The conscious and unconscious mind     5.0 The return of consciousness in the sciences          5.1 How conscious and unconscious brain events are studied today          5.2 History hasn’t stopped     6.0 Summary     7.0 End of chapter exercises          7.1 Study questions          7.2 Drawing exercise Chapter 2 A framework     1.0 Introduction     2.0 Classical working memory          2.1 The ‘inner senses’          2.2 Output functions          2.3 Only a fleeting moment          2.4 Understanding Clive Wearing in the functional framework          2.5 The importance of immediate memory     3.0 Limited and large-capacity functions          3.1 Dual task limits          3.2 Some very large brain capacities          3.3 Why are there such narrow capacity limits?          3.4 Measuring working memory     4.0 The inner and outer senses          4.1 The mind’s eye, ear, and voice          4.2 The imagery sketchpad may use visual regions of cortex          4.3 Is inner speech like outer speech?          4.4 Is there only one working memory?     5.0 The central executive          5.1 Executive effort and automaticity          5.2 Executive and spontaneous attention     6.0 Action     7.0 Consolidation of short-term events into long-term memory          7.1


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