Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective

1st Edition

Volume 1: Coal - Geology and Combustion

Print ISBN: 9780444602077
eBook ISBN: 9780080931630
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 30th September 2010
Page Count: 380
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Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective is a compelling collection of research conducted by scientists and
engineers around the world. The first of four volumes in the collection, Coal – Geology and Combustion, features chapters that discuss the origin of coal and coal fires; mining and use of coal; combustion and coal petrology; environmental and health impacts of coal fires; combustion by-products; geochemical, geophysical, and engineering methodologies for studying coal fires; the control, extinguishment, and political implications of coal fires; and much more.

Key Features

  • Integrates pioneering coal-fires research, with topical coverage of remote sensing, policymaking, and more
  • Contains hundreds of tables, graphs, and high quality color images with online links to videos and multimedia presentations
  • Serves as an essential guide to the socio-economic and geo-environmental impacts of coal fires
  • Readership

    Mineralogists, petrologists, coal geologists, geophysicists, mining engineers, environmental and remote sensing scientists, and anyone involved in technical aspects of coal mining, coal fires, and combustion metamorphism

    Table of Contents

    1. Coal Formation and the Origin of Coal Fires (A.G. Kim). 2. Coal-Mining Techniques and Coal Fires (S.R. Michalski). 3. Spontaneous Combustion and Coal Petrology (M. Mastalerz, A. Drobniak, J.C. Hower, and J.M.K. O’Keefe). 4. Coal and Ancient Man: Cremation at the Tschudi Burn, Chan Chan, Northern Peru (W.E. Brooks, C. Galvez Mora, J.C. Jackson, J.P. McGeehin, and D.G. Hood). 5. Geotechnical and Environmental Problems: Coal and Spontaneous Combustion (L.J. Donnelly, and F.G. Bell). 6. The Effects of Global-Coal Fires (G.B. Stracher, and T.P. Taylor). 7. Environmental and Health Impacts of Coal Fires (R.B. Finkelman, and G.B. Stracher). 8. Coal-Fire Gas Chromatography (T.R. Blake, and S. Meinardi, and D.R. Blake). 9. Gas Vent Mineralization and Coal Combustion (G.B. Stracher). 10. Sample Identification and Imaging of Gas-Vent Mineral Assemblages (P.A. Schroeder, C. Fleisher, and G.B. Stracher). 11. Semivolatile Hydrocarbon Residues of Coal and Coal Tar (S.D. Emsbo-Mattingly, and S.A. Stout). 12. Magnetic Signatures of Rocks and Soils Affected by Burning Coal Seams (R.S. Sternberg). 13. Historical Use of Airborne Thermal Infrared Imaging for Detecting and Studying Coal Fires (D.H. Vice). 14. Remote Sensing of Coal Fires (A. Prakash, and R. Gens). 15. The Policy Setting for Coal Fires: Indicators for Government Action (K.M. McCurdy). 16. United States Bureau of Mines – Study and Control of Fires in Abandoned Mines and Waste Banks (A.G. Kim). 17. Smouldering-Combustion Phenomena and Coal Fires (G. Rein). 18. Burning and Suppression of Smouldering Coal Fires (R. Hadden, and G. Rein). 19. Modern-Foam-Injection Technology for Extinguishing Coal Fires (L. LaFosse, and M. Cummins)


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    "This is one of the most comprehensive books ever published on the important topic of coal and peat fires. These fires, besides being an enormous economic loss for the countries concerned, are one of the major causes of environmental pollution, as the carbon dioxide released by the millions of tons of coal that are lost each year by spontaneous combustion, is a major contributor to global change… This book deserves a place in every university library as well as in the library of research institutes, and on the bookshelf of managers/decision makers concerned with global change and the environment. Readers who want to know a bit more about this topic before purchasing a copy (it is rather expensive) can first read the research paper in Volume 1 Number 1 of the International Journal of Digital Earth, which has a section on underground coal fires in relation to digital earth on page 55, with some 3-D examples (Shupeng and van Genderen 2008)."--International Journal of Digital Earth, October 2012, page 458-9