Coal and Coalbed Gas

1st Edition

Fueling the Future

Print ISBN: 9780123969729
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Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 3rd December 2013
Page Count: 720
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Bridging the gap in expertise between coal and coalbed gas, subfields in which opportunities for cross training have been nonexistent, Coal and Coalbed Gas sets the standard for publishing in these areas. This book treats coal and coalbed gas as mutually inclusive commodities in terms of their interrelated origin, accumulation, composition, distribution, generation, and development, providing a balanced understanding of this energy mix.

Currently considered a non-renewable energy resource, coalbed gas, or coalbed methane, is a form of natural gas extracted from coal beds. In recent years, countries have begun to seek and exploit coal for its clean gas energy in an effort to alleviate environmental issues that come with coal use, making a book on this topic particularly timely. This volume takes into account processes of coalification, gasification, and storage and reservoir characterization and evaluation and looks at water management and environmental impacts as well.

Key Features

  • Covers environmental issues in the development of coalbed gas
  • Includes case studies, field guides and data, examples, and analytical procedures from previous studies and investigations
  • Accessible by a large multidisciplinary market by one of the world's foremost experts on the topic


Geologists, exploration geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, biogeochemists, environmental scientists, microbiologists, resource economists, water management specialists, hydrologists, land managers, ecologists, and policy makers and government manager in natural gas/petroleum and mining

Table of Contents

Author’s Biography

Romeo M. Flores



SI/Metric Units

Chapter 1. Introduction and Principles


Key Items


Philosophical Overview and Scope

Learning Metaphors

Definitions and Terminologies

Basic Principles

Global Coal Endowment

From Past to Future Coal Production

Coal Use in a Carbon-Constrained World


Chapter 2. Coal as Multiple Sources of Energy


Key Items

Overview of Resources

Coal as Resource of Coalbed Gas

Coal Resources vs Gas Production Potential

Coal Mining Development and Gas Outbursts

Gas Outbursts vs Coal Development

Global Exploitation and Utilization of CMM and AMM

Petroleum Derived from Coal

Coal Hydrocarbons as Petroleum Systems


Chapter 3. Origin of Coal as Gas Source and Reservoir Rocks


Key Items

Coal as Source and Reservoir of Coalbed Gas

Genesis of Peat to Coal: Concepts

Peat-Forming Environments

Types of Peatlands

Controls on Development of Peatlands

Evolution of Peatlands

Marsh to Bog Progression

Metaphors for Peatlands

Peat Types: Fibric, Hemic, and Sapric

Processes of Peatification, Gasification, and Diagenesis

Origin of Peat Gas: A Biogenic Generation

Depositional Systems of Peat (Coal)

Transformation of Peat to Coal: Differences in Concept and Time

Analogs of Economic Coal and Coalbed Gas Reservoir

Attributes of Peat Bog Relevant to Coal

Rates of Vertical Peat (Coal) Accumulation

Transformation of Peat Bogs to Coalbed Gas Reservoirs

Scaling Peat Facies to Reservoir Level


Chapter 4. Coalification, Gasification, and Gas Storage


Key Items</p


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"Flores presents this industrial guide to coal and coalbed gas, aiming to balance the availability of coal as a resource with associated environmental concerns. After introducing principles of coal discovery and usage, the multipotency of coal as an energy source is discussed. Several chapters address the production of gas from coal, including necessary conditions and the chemistry and geology of coal maturity.", February 2014
"It’s an amazingly broad book and covers the fundamentals of coal formation, its geology, utilization and, quite importantly, how coal acts as a reservoir for gas…For all the students and especially the engineers out there, I’d go further than saying it is an essential book to have, I’d have to insist that it is mandatory.", November 21, 2013
“It is rare for a book to be so comprehensive on such a diverse topic such as coal. I'd recommend this for both the seasoned coal professional as well as the newly initiated.”—Dr. Tim A. Moore, Managing Director, Cipher Consulting Ltd, New Zealand
“[Coal and Coalbed Gas] is a very much anticipated book… in that it provides a complete, comprehensive review of coal from genesis to coalbed gas resource management, something that was lacking in single, publically available publications….”—Russell Stands-Over-Bull, PhD, Sr. Geologic Advisor, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, USA
"Romeo Flores is a world-leading expert on coal geology… [T]here has not been an authoritative book on coalbed methane, until now.”—Dr. David B. Rutledge, California Institute of Technology, USA
"Dr. Romey Flores is a world-class expert in coal geology, coalbed methane, and a pioneer in biogenic CBM…. This is a must-read book for scientists, engineers, and managers involved in coal and CBM."—Dr. Song Jin, President and CTO, Next Fuel Inc., USA
“[Flores] has clearly explained the widespread application of the fundament