Key Features

  • Presents a consistent process for each skill, including proper documentation techniques, to aid learning and memorization.
  • Includes Skill Variations to provide you with the option to observe the most common skills techniques used in their areas.
  • Spanish captioning provides easy access to translations from English to Spanish.
  • What If scenarios provide interviews with actual medical assistants to help you think about what you would do in the same situation.
  • An Instructor’s Resource Manual available on Evolve provides outlines of times for each skill, a correlation grid of skills to CAAHEP and ABHES competencies, suggestions for effectively using the programs for in-class demonstrations and student self-study, and multiple-choice and open-ended assessment questions for each skill with answers and rationales.

Table of Contents

Module One: Asepsis, Infection Control and Sterilization (9 Units / 13 videos)

Section 1: Asepsis

1.1.1 Personal Protective Equipment
1.1.2 Medical Aseptic Hand Wash
1.1.3 Applying Alcohol-Based Hand Rub
1.1.4 Applying And Removing Disposable Gloves
1.1.5 Disposal of Biohazard Waste

Section 2: Sanitization, Disinfection and Sterilization

1.2.1 Cleaning and Disinfecting Contaminated Surfaces
Variation: Large Spill
1.2.2 Sanitizing Contaminated Equipment
1.2.3 Wrapping Instruments and Placing in Autoclave
Procedure A: Wrapping Instrument Using Blue Wrap
Procedure B: Wrapping a Pack Used for Minor Surgery
Variation: Wrapping Using a Plastic Sterilization Pouch
1.2.4 Sterilizing Instruments in the Autoclave
Variation: Manual Autoclave

Module Two: Measuring Vital Signs (10 Units / 15 videos)

Section 1: Preparing to Work with Patients

2.1.1 Preparing to Work with Patients
Variation: Working with a Young Child

Section 2: Temperature

2.2.1 Measuring Oral Body Temperature
Variation: Rigid Plastic Probe
Variation: Mercury Free Glass Thermometer
2.2.2 Measure Axillary Body Temperature
2.2.3 Measure Rectal Body Temperature
2.2.4 Measure Aural Body Temperature
Procedure: Child Patient
Variation: Adult Patient

Section 3: Pulse and Respirations

2.3.1 Measuring Pulse and Respirations
2.3.2 Measure Apical Pulse
Procedure: Infant Patient
Variation: Adult Patient
2.3.3 Pulse Oximetry

Section 4: Blood Pressure

2.4.1 Measure Blood Pressure: Palpation
2.4.2 Measure Blood Pressure: Auscultation
Variation: With a Child Patient

Module Three: Preparing Patients for Examinations (9 Units / 11 videos)

Section 1: Maintaining and Preparing Exam


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