Clinical Research in Complementary and Integrative Medicine - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780702034763, 9783437596520

Clinical Research in Complementary and Integrative Medicine

1st Edition

A Practical Training Book

Authors: Klaus Linde
Paperback ISBN: 9780702034763
eBook ISBN: 9783437596520
Imprint: Urban & Fischer
Published Date: 1st September 2011
Page Count: 208


Sie wollen eine Studie in durchführen und wissen nicht ganz genau, wie?
Kein Problem! Clinical Research zeigt Ihnen alle Aspekte verständlich und nachvollziehbar. Sie erhalten einem umfassenden Überblick und praxistaugliche Anleitungen.
Schritt für Schritt erarbeiten und üben Sie die Kriterien und - of course - all in english!
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Key Features

This practical training book:

  • systematically introduces the key aspects of study design and basic statistics.
  • helps you to develop, plan and execute your research project.
  • combines established theoretical approaches with practical skills applicable to your own clinical study.
  • is a step-by-step tutorial for a complete clinical study, which is illustrated in three case studies.
  • includes additional training exercises, featuring different study conditions and environments, that will help you to practice and test your knowledge.

Clinical Research in Complementary and Integrative Medicine – the best way to understand clinical research and to plan and perform your own study!

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction   1
1.1 What do we mean by complementary medicine in this book?   1
1.2 The science behind clinical medicine   2
1.2.1 Major areas of research   2
1.2.2 Topics in clinical research   2
1.2.3 Evidence-based medicine   3
1.3 Why do we need research on complementary therapies?   3
1.4 Is research into complementary therapies special?   5
1.4.1 Why research into complementary therapies is somewhat different?   5
1.4.2 Strategic approaches to research into complementary medicine   6
1.4.3 Why it is difficult to realize strategic approaches?   6
1.5 Aims, target audience and structure of this book   7
I Theory – Things you should know before embarking on a clinical study   9
2 Basic study design   11
2.1 When is a treatment effective?   11
2.1.1 Why do we need control or comparison groups?   11
2.1.2 Types of controls and comparisons   12
2.1.3 Specific and non-specific effects   14
2.2 Bias – threats to internal validity   15
2.2.1 Prognostic and baseline differences between groups – why randomization is so desirable   15
2.2.2 Differences between groups after treatment has started – why blinding is so desirable   17
2.2.3 Attrition   17
2.2.4 Bias during analysis and reporting   18
2.3 Clinical studies and the real world – external validity   18
2.3.1 The need for balancing internal and external validity   18
2.3.2 Selection of study participants   20
2.3.3 Selection of study interventions   21
2.3.4 Selection of outcome measures   22
2.4 What


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