Clinical Problems in Medicine and Surgery

3rd Edition


Key Features

A highly praised book that tackles important medical and surgical topics from a problem-oriented angle.
Adopts a case scenario approach which will encourage critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills.
The cases cover all common and important problems likely to face the newly-qualified doctor in the casualty department, on the wards or in the clinic.
The questions although set in the context of the case are designed to test the reader’s overall understanding of the most relevant aspects of each topic.
Well-illustrated with clinical photographs, pathological images and radiological scans and x-rays.

Table of Contents


1 Difficulties with post-operative fluid balance in a 58 year old man

2 Postoperative fever

3 Postoperative hypotension

4 Confusion in the post-op ward

5 Swelling in the neck in a 58 year old man

6 A 55 year old woman with hypertension

7 A young woman with abnormal vaginal bleeding

8 A scrotal swelling in a 27-year-old man

9 A 63-year-old woman with a screen-detected abnormality

10 A 54-year old man with a high-voltage electrical conduction injury

11 Reflux in a 35-year-old man

12 Dysphagia and weight loss in a middle-aged man

13 Abdominal pain in a young woman

14 A woman with acute upper abdominal pain

15 Flank pain in a 60-year-old man

16 Lower abdominal pain in a 77-year-old woman

17 Nausea and constipation in an older woman

18 A lady with diarrhoea and abdominal pain

19 Rectal bleeding in a 45-year-old woman

20 Haematuria a 60-year-old man


22 Acute back pain in a 75-year-old man

23 A 59-year-old man with calf pain

24 Acute leg pain in a 73-year-old man

25 A 68-year-old woman with a leg ulcer

26 A 41-year-old man involved in a car crash

27 Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)

28 Breathlessness in a young female

29 A 25-year-old woman with chest pain and breathlessness

30 Recurrent collapse in a 56-year-old truck driver

31 A 68-year-old woman with breathlessness and yellow sputum

32 Persistent cough in a young woman

33 Cough, dyspnoea and fever in a 55 year old man

34 Breathlessness and weight loss in


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About the authors

Peter Devitt

Affiliations and Expertise

Professorial Surgical Unit, University of Adelaide and Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia

Jonathan Mitchell

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant Hepatologist, South West Liver Unit, Plymouth, UK

Christian Hamilton-Craig

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant Cardiologist, Cardiac Imaging, The Prince Charles Hospital; Consultant Cardiologist, Heart Care Partners, Mater Private Hospital; Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA