Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

2nd Edition


  • Edward Odell
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702040184

    Table of Contents

    1. A high caries rate
    2. A multiocular radiolucency
    3. An unpleasant surprise
    4. Gingival recession
    5. A missing incisor
    6. A dry mouth
    7. Painful trismus
    8. A lump on the gingival
    9. Pain on biting
    10. A defective denture base
    11. Sudden collapse
    12. A difficult child
    13. Pain after extraction
    14. A loose tooth
    15. Oroantral fistula
    16. Troublesome mouth ulcers
    17. A lump in the neck
    18. Trauma to an immature incisor
    19. Hypoglycaemia
    20. A problem overdenture
    21. Impacted lower third molars
    22. A phone call from school
    23. Discoloured anterior teeth
    24. A very painful mouth
    25. Caution – X-rays
    26. Ouch!
    27. A swollen face and pericoronitis
    28. First permanent molars
    29. A sore mouth
    30. A failed bridge.
    31. An adverse reaction
    32. Advanced periodontitis
    33. Fractured incisors
    34. An anxious patient
    35. A blister on the cheek
    36. Bridge design
    37. Management of anticoagulation
    38. A white patch on the tongue
    39. Another white patch on the tongue
    40. Molar endodontic treatment
    41. A swollen face
    42. Missing upper lateral incisors
    43. Anterior crossbite
    44. Unexpected findings
    45. A gap between the front teeth
    46. A lump in the palate
    47. Rapid breakdown of first permanent molars
    48. Oral cancer
    49. A complicated extraction
    50. Difficulty in opening the mouth
    51. Tooth wear
    52. Worn front teeth
    53. A case of toothache
    54. A child with a swollen face
    55. A pain in the neck
    56. Failed endodontic treatment


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