Key Features

  • Explores important topics including direct clinical care, chronic and infectious disease prevention and care, women's health in correctional facilities, alcohol and drug abuse, emergencies, nursing issues, dental care, juvenile care, preventive health issues, quality improvement, ethical and legal issues, and end-of-life care.
  • Covers all major areas of mental health care, including suicide prevention, outpatient mental health programming, crisis intervention, and the behaviorally disordered patient.
  • Offers chapters on sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis co-authored with representatives of the Centers for Disease Control, to provide reliable information on screening for these diseases consistent with national guidelines.

Table of Contents

I. The Correctional Physician

1. Doctors, Patients, and the History of Correctional Medicine

2. Challenges of Improving Quality in the Correctional Setting

3. Interaction between Correctional Staff and Health Care Providers in the Delivery of Health Care

4. Medical Ethics and Correctional Health Care

II. The Correctional Nurse

5. Correctional Nursing in Perspective

6. Nursing Primary Care

7. Nursing Chronic Care

8. Nursing Case Management

9. Nursing Emergency Services

10. Nursing Emergency Triage

11. Infirmary Nursing

III. Medical Issues in Corrections

12. Intake Evaluations in Prisons and Jails

13. Chronic Disease Management

14. Sick Call as Triage

15. Infirmary Care

16. The Hospital Secure Unit

IV. Infectious Diseases

17. Tuberculosis Screening

18. Tuberculosis in the Correctional Facility

19. Overview of STDs in Corrections Facilities

20. Epidemiology of Contagious and Infectious Diseases in Correctional Facilities

21. Overview of HIV Care

22. Use of Antiretroviral Agents in the Treatment of HIV

23. Hepatitis C in Corrections

V. Women’s Health Care

24. Care of the Pregnant Inmate

25. Women’s Health Care in the Incarcerated Setting

VI. Mental Health

26. Psychiatric Intake Screening

27. Mental Health Outpatient Services in Correctional Settings

28. Managing the Patient with an Acute Psychiatric Condition

29. Suicide Prevention in Correctional Facilities: An Overview

30. Psychiatric Nursing

31. Self-inflicted Injury

VII. Public Health

32. Preventive Health Issues for Individuals in Jails and Prisons

33. The Treatment of Alcohol and Other Drug Abstinence


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