Clinical Ophthalmology: A Synopsis - 2nd Edition

Clinical Ophthalmology: A Synopsis

2nd Edition

Authors: Jack Kanski
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann


Revised and expanded throughout with many new colour illustrations, this handbook forms a summary of Jack Kanski’s best selling Clinical Ophthalmology: A Systematic Approach 6th Edition. This book will be of particular value as a revision guide to those preparing for examinations, as well as the busy clinician requiring a quick reference to a particular diagnostic or therapeutic problem. Illustrated in colour, each condition is systematically presented for easy access to key information.

Key Features

  • Key information is provided at a glance for the busy practitioner, or as a study aid for students.
  • Extensively illustrated, with a full-color clinical photograph of each important condition.
  • Consistent presentation details each condition's signs, causes, treatment, differential diagnosis, and complications.
  • Content reflects the material in Clinical Ophthalmology, 6th Edition in a quick-reference synopsis format.
  • Many figures in this synopsis are entirely new, and additional rare diseases and examination techniques are also included.
  • Written by one of the most respected writers and experts in the field, offering years of experience distilled into a portable, practical handbook.

Table of Contents

  1. Ocular Examination Techniques

    2. Imaging Techniques

    3. Developmental Malformations and Anomalies

    4. Eyelids

    5. Lacrimal Drainage System

    6. Orbit

    7. Dry Eye Disorders

    8. Conjunctiva

    9. Cornea

    10. Corneal and Refractive Surgery

    11. Episclera and Sclera

    12. Lens

    13. Glaucoma

    14. Uveitis

    15. Ocular Tumours and Related Conditions

    16. Retinal Vascular Disease

    17. Acquired Macular Disorders

    18. Fundus Dystrophies

    19. Retinal Detachment

    20. Strabismus

    21. Neuro-ophthalmology

    22. Drug-induced Disorders

    23. Trauma

    24. Systemic Diseases


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About the Author

Jack Kanski

Affiliations and Expertise

Honorary Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Prince Charles Eye Unit, King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor, UK