The main clinical sections are set out in the context of typical referral problems, showing how the appropriate sequence of investigations and their interpretation lead to correct diagnosis and management. As well as the basic fundamentals of
neurophysiology in clinical practice, Clinical Neurophysiology provides detailed cover of many special new areas of clinical value. There are substantial sections on many of the newer techniques including small fibre electromyography, qualitative sensory
testing, intra-operative monitoring of evoked potentials and the development of knowledge-based systems. With contributions from internationally recognised experts in their fields, this is an up-to-date survey, rigorously edited, which will serve as a
reference for many years to come. A co-ordinated and well-structured text, which is beautifully presented and profusely illustrated. Its comprehensive and integrated approach will appeal not only to clinical neurophysiologists and technicians, but also
to neurologists, paediatrians and general physicians. Other authors: R Cooper, PhD BSc, Formerly Research Director, Burden Neurological Institute, Bristol, UK; C J Fowler, MD, Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, The Middlesex Hospital, London, UK; F Mauguiere, MD PhD, Professor of Neurology, University of Lyon, France; Functional Neurology and Epileptology Unit, Hopital Neurologique, Lyon, France; P F Prior, MD FRCP, Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK

Table of Contents

PART I - ORIGINS AND TECHNIQUES: Fundamentals of neurophysiology; Techniques; PART II: ELECTROMYOGRAPHY AND NERVE CONDUCTION: Introduction; Anatomy and function of peripheral nerves; Clinical measurements of nerve conduction; Electromyography: normal and pathological findings; Nerve conduction studies and EMG smapling; Specific clinical requests; Assessment of autonomic function; Pelvic floor neurophysiology; Quantitative sensory testing; Analysis of electromyographic activity; Single fibre electromyography; Knowldege-based expert systems; PART III: EVOKED POTENTIALS: Definitions and introductory remarks; Methods and instrumentation; Recording procedures; Normal findings by modality; Abnormal waveforms and diagnostic yield of evoked
potentials; Evoked potential diagnostic strategies; Analysis of evoked potentials; Index.


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