Volume 2. Clinical Neurophysiology

1st Edition

EEG, Paediatric Neurophysiology, Special Techniques and Applications, Volume 2


  • John Osselton
  • B. M. Tedman
  • F. Mauguiere
  • Pamela Prior
  • Colin Binnie
  • Raymond Cooper
    • Print ISBN 9780444512574

    Table of Contents

    Part 4. Electroencephalography.

    4.1 Historical introduction (R. Cooper, B.B. MacGillivray). 4.2 EEG technology (R. Cooper, C.D. Binnie, J.W. Osselton, P.F. Prior, T. Wisman). 4.3 EEG phenomenology (C.D. Binnie, W. van Emde Boas, P.F. Prior, J.C. Shaw). 4.4 Activation procedures (C.D. Binnie). 4.5 General philosophy of clinical EEG investigation and interpretation (C.D. Binnie). 4.6 The EEG and cerebral pathology (A.C. van Huffelen). 4.7 The EEG in epilepsy (C.D. Binnie, H. Stefan). 4.8 Effects of drugs on the EEG (C.D. Binnie). 4.9 The EEG in systemic disorders: the encephalopathies (B.B. MacGillivray). 4.10 Head injury (P.F. Prior). 4.11 EEG and psychiatry (H.W. McConnell, H.B. Andrews, C.D. Binnie, T.D. Rogers). 4.12 EEG analysis (R. Cooper, C.D. Binnie, J.C. Shaw).

    Part 5. Neonatal and paediatric neurophysiology.

    5.1 General introduction (D. Scheffner, R. Pressler). 5.2 Neurophysiology of the neonatal period (R. Pressler, B. Bady+, C.D. Binnie, G.B. Boylan, J.A. Connell, J. Lütschg, R.C. Oozeer, P.F. Prior, A. Suppiej, B.M. Tedman). 5.3 Paediatric neurophysiology (R. Pressler, B. Bady+, C.D. Binnie, J. Lütschg, N.A. Fletcher, D. Scheffner, A. Suppiej, B.M. Tedman). 5.4 Combined references for Part 5.

    Part 6. Special techniques and applications.

    6.1 Investigation of wakefulness, drowsiness and sleep (M. Billiard). 6.2 Epilepsy monitoring (C.D. Binnie, W. Burr, H. Stefan). 6.3 Assessment of epilepsy for surgery (F. Brunnhuber, C.D. Binnie, A.J. Fowle). 6.4 Neurophysiological investigations in the intensive care unit (P.F. Prior, L. Garcia-Larrea, K. Nagendran, N.J. Smith). 6.5 Neurophysiological monitoring during surgical operations (N.J. Smith, P.F. Prior). 6.6 Neurophysiological evaluation of drugs (A. Wauquier, C.D. Binnie). 6.7 Magnetoencephalography and evoked magnetic fields (C.N. Guy, C.D. Binnie). 6.8 Specific medico-legal use of neurophysiological investigations (


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