Volume 1. Clinical Neurophysiology

2nd Edition

EMG, Nerve Conduction and Evoked Potentials, Volume 1


  • Colin Binnie
  • Raymond Cooper
  • F. Mauguiere
  • John Osselton
  • Pamela Prior
  • B. M. Tedman
    • Print ISBN 9780444512529

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: Origins and Techniques (R. Cooper)

    1.1 Fundamentals of neurophysiology (G. Alarcon et al.). 1.2 Techniques (R. Cooper, G. Alarcon, C.D. Binnie).

    Part 2: Electromyography and Nerve Conduction (B.M. Tedman)

    2.1 Early history of nerve conduction studies and electromyography (C.J. Fowler, B.M. Tedman). 2.2 Anatomy and function of peripheral nerves (C.J. Fowler, B.M. Tedman). 2.3 Clinical measurements of nerve conduction (C.J. Fowler, B.M. Tedman). 2.4 Electromyography: normal and pathological findings (C.J. Fowler, B.M. Tedman). 2.5 Nerve conduction studies and EMG sampling (C.J. Fowler, B.M. Tedman). 2.6 Specific clinical requests (B.M. Tedman et al.). 2.7 Assessment of autonomic function (C.J. Mathias). 2.8 Pelvic floor clinical neurophysiology (D.B. Vodusek, C.J. Fowler). 2.9 Quantitative sensory testing (D. Yarnitsky, D. Pud). 2.10 Single fibre electromyography (E. Stålberg). 2.11 Analysis of electromyographic activity (S. Stalberg, E. Stalberg).

    Part 3: Evoked Potentials (F. Mauguiere)

    3.1 Definitions and introductory remarks (F. Mauguière). 3.2 Methods and instrumentation (R. Cooper, F. Mauguiere). 3.3 Recording procedures (F. Mauguiere et al.). 3.4 Normal findings by modality (F. Mauguiere et al.). 3.5 Abnormal waveforms and diagnostic yield of evoked potentials (F. Mauguiere et al.). 3.6 Evoked potential diagnostic strategies (F. Mauguiere, L. García-Larrea, T.D. Rogers). 3.7 Analysis of evoked potentials (R. Cooper).
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