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Preface. List of Contributors. 1. Introduction (E. Stalberg).

Section I. Overview.

2. Skeletal muscle: structure and function (D. Burke, S.C. Gandevia). 3. Structure and function of the neuromuscular junction (J.F. Howard Jr.). 4. Nerve-muscle interactions (T. Lømo). 5. Pathology and pathogenesis of muscle diseases (H. Kalimo). 6. Genetic aspects of diagnosis (N. Dahl). 7. Ultrasound examination of muscle (J.H. Van der Hoeven). 8. Effects of aging on motor unit structure and function (L. Larsson).

Section II. Electrophysiological Methods.

9. Electromyographic methods (E. Stålberg, J. Daube). 10. Single fiber electromyography (J.V. Trontelj). 11. Methods for the quantification of conventional needle EMG (E. Stalberg). 12. Multichannel surface EMG (D.F. Stegeman, C. Houtman et al.). 13. Neurography - motor and sensory nerve conduction studies (B. Falck). 14. Repetitive nerve stimulation (D.B. Sanders). 15. Motor unit number estimation in disorders of muscle and neuromuscular junction (R.K. Olney). 16. Muscle fatigue (K.R. Mills). 17. Clinical neurophysiology of respiration (C.F. Bolton, U. Zifko). 18. Pediatric electromyography and neurography (H. Royden Jones Jr., B.T. Darras, K.E. Eeg-Olofsson).

Section III. Muscle Diseases.

19. Limb girdle muscular dystrophy (P.R.W. Fawcett, P.F. Chinnery). 20. Inflammatory myopathies (H.R. Briemberg, A.A. Amato). 21. Dystrophinopathies (K.E. Eeg-Olofsson). 22. Distal myopathies (L. Edström, T. Ansved). 23. Skeletal muscle channelopathies: myotonias, periodic paralyses and malignant hyperthermia (F. Lehmann-Horn, H. Lerche, K. Jurkat-Rott). 24. Congenital muscular disorders (M. Fardeau, D.I. Rubin). 25. Neuromuscular junction disorders (D.B. Sanders). 26. Involuntary muscle contraction of peripheral origin (T. Torbergsen). 27. Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (P.R.W. Fawcett, P.F. Chinnery). 28. Mitochondrial diseases (E. Ciaf


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