Clinical Laboratory Science

1st Edition

The Basics


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Key Features

* Prepares students for the realities of work in the clinical laboratory with an overview of the field of clinical laboratory science, and includes specifics on basic laboratory procedures. * Prepares the reader for the "real world" of the clinical laboratory with authors who have contributed years of research and experience in a frequently changing field and lend an "in the trenches" view of life to the modern clinical laboratory. * Offers the basic information about working in a clinical laboratory for introductory CLT/MLT or CLS/MT students. * Highlights clinical procedures by placing them in boxes that are easy for students to quickly find. * Chapter 1, Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science, gives students a solid foundation on the fundamentals of clinical lab work. * Includes 59 illustrations to help explain the material and reinforce learning. * Includes Review Questions, Key Terms with definitions, Learning Objectives, Chapter Outlines, and Procedure Boxes, which provide excellent opportunities for group or individual study and reinforce the most important information in each chapter. * Includes a Glossary with key terms and definitions to help students with the new scientific terminology they will encounter in their initial clinical laboratory classes. * Includes an Instructors' Manual with student handouts, guides, exercises and related materials.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science Chapter 2. Safety in the Clinical Laboratory Chapter 3. Collection and Processing Laboratory Specimens Chapter 4. Use of the Microscope Chapter 5. Laboratory Measurements: Apparatus and Principles Chapter 6. Photometry Chapter 7. Laboratory Mathematics Chapter 8. Quality Assurance in the Clinical Laboratory Chapter 9. Automation in the Clinical Laboratory Chapter 10. Introduction to Laboratory Computers


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