Key Features

  • Combines the innovative pattern approach with more traditional detailed descriptions to emulate real-world patient interaction without sacrificing more in-depth content on disease states.
  • Innovative Pattern Approach uses the patterns that link similar abnormalities to help you learn to identify, and just as importantly, differentiate abnormalities.
  • Extensive cross-referencing from pattern to disease descriptions enables the reader to quickly find more detailed information.
  • Dedicated chapter on the key subject of radiology physics, including algorithms for improving film quality.
  • A glossary of nearly 500 radiological terms.

Table of Contents

Module One: Introduction

  1. Plain Radiographic Imaging
  2. Specialized Imaging
  3. Radiographic Positioning
  4. Roentgenometrics
  5. Film Interpretation and Report Writing
  6. Normal Anatomy
  7. Normal Variants
  8. Module Two: Bone, Joints and Soft Tissues

  9. Congenital Diseases
  10. Arthritides
  11. Trauma
  12. Hematologic Bone Diseases
  13. Infections
  14. Bone Tumors and Related Diseases
  15. Endocrine, Metabolic, and Nutritional Diseases
  16. Miscellaneous Bone Diseases
  17. Skull Patterns
  18. Spine Patterns
  19. Extremity Patterns
  20. General Skeletal Patterns
  21. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Patterns
  22. Module Three: Chest

  23. Introduction to Chest Radiography
  24. Diseases of the Airways
  25. Circulation and the Heart
  26. Pulmonary Infections
  27. Thoracic Neoplasms
  28. Miscellaneous Chest Diseases
  29. Chest Patterns
  30. Module Four: Abdomen

  31. Introduction to Abdomen Radiography
  32. Genitourinary Diseases
  33. Gastrointestinal Diseases
  34. Miscellaneous Abdomen Diseases
  35. Abdomen Patterns

Module Five: Brain and Spinal Cord

  33.   Brain and Spinal Cord    


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