Clinical Governance and Best Value

1st Edition

Meeting the Modernisation Agenda


  • Sharon Pickering
  • Jeannette Thompson
    • Print ISBN 9780443071676

    Table of Contents

    Section 1: Political Context of Health Care Delivery - Clinical Governance and Best Value: A toolkit for quality. An economic approach to clinical governance, Clinical Governance and Best Value: The User perspective. Service user and professional partnerships in the modernization agenda
    Section 2: Developing and Implementing Best Practice - Developing best practice, Problem identification. Finding and selecting the evidence. Audit - the beginning and the end of the change cycle.
    Section 3: Accountability and Risk - Accountability and professional self-regulation. Risk andclinical governance: restoring confidence in health and social care .
    Section 4: Structured Approaches to Care Delivery - Structured care and clinical governance. Integrated care pathways. Evaluating and adapting practice guidelines for local use: a conceptual framework.
    Section 5: Organisational Culture and the Change Agenda - Organisational culture. Achieving change. Towards sustainable change and improvement.


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    About the authors

    Sharon Pickering

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Project Manager, NHSE, Trent, UK

    Jeannette Thompson

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    Lecturer, Learning Disabilities Nursing, University of York, York, UK