Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals

5th Edition

Print ISBN: 9780123963055
eBook ISBN: 9780080529196
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 25th July 1997
Page Count: 932


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Table of Contents

T.B. Farver, Concepts of Normality in Clinical Biochemistry.

J.G. Hauge, DNA Technology in Diagnosis, Breeding, and Therapy.

J.J. Kaneko, Carbohydrate Metabolism and Its Diseases.

M.L. Bruss, Lipids and Ketones.

J.J. Kaneko, Serum Proteins and the Dysproteinemias.

L.J. Gershwin, Clinical Immunology.

J.W. Harvey, The Erythrocyte: Physiology, Metabolism, and Biochemical Disorders.

J.J. Kaneko, Porphyrins and the Porhyrias.

J.E. Smith, Iron Metabolism and Its Disorders.

W.J. Dodds, Hemostasis.

J.G. Zinkl and M.B. Kabbur, Neutrophil Function.

J.W. Kramer and W.E. Hoffmann, Clinical Enzymology.

B.C. Tennant, Hepatic Function.

D.F. Brobst, Pancreatic Function.

W.E. Hornbuckle and B.C. Tennant, Gastrointestinal Function.

G.H. Cardinet III, Skeletal Muscle Function.

D.R. Finco, Kidney Function.

G.P. Carlson, Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance.

J.A. Mol and A. Rijnberk, Pituitary Function.

A. Rijnberk and J.A. Mol, Adrenocortical Function.

J.J. Kaneko, Thyroid Function.

L-E. Edqvist and M. Forsberg, Clinical Reproductive Endocrinology.

T.J. Rosol and C.C. Capen, Calcium-Regulating Hormones and Diseases of Abnormal Mineral (Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium) Metabolism.

R.B. Rucker and J.G. Morris, The Vitamins.

M. Haskins and U. Giger, Lysosomal Storage Diseases.

B.R. Madewell, Tumor Markers.

C.S. Bailey and W. Vernau, Cerebrospinal Fluid.

J.R. Turk and S.W. Casteel, Clinical Bio


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@qu:"Overall this is an impressive book offering both basic and applied information to any inquiring student or veterinarian who wishes to improve or refresh their knowledge in the area of biochemistry and its application to the diagnosis and understanding of disease in animals." @source:--VETERINARY RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS @qu:"This book is invaluable to the veterinarian at all levels including students, residents, and practitioners? Illustrations are pertinent and of appropriate quantity? The addition of chapters addressing lysosomal storage diseases, toxicologic and avian biochemistry, and tumor cell makers is timely and valuable information." @source:---DOODY'S PUBLISHING REVIEWS @qu:"The content of the book is based on the solid foundations established in previous editions. Specialist topics have been added, with chapters on tumour markers and lysosomal storage disease. This edition deserves to replace its illustrious predecessors on the bookshelves of animal clinic biochemists and clinical pathologists." @source:--THE VETERINARY RECORD @from:Praise for the Fourth Edition @qu:"As good as [the Third Edition] is, it can always be improved--and Dr. Kaneko has done so... The comparative information provided on major animal species' biochemical data is practical and essential for not only clinical pathologists and biochemists, but also for working clinicians that utilize clinical chemistries for diagnosis and management evaluation of food animals, companion animals, and laboratory/exotic animals. This updated edition provides the clinician and researcher with relevant information for daily use. This text will continue its role as a major information resource for clinical biochemical veterinary medicine." @source:--VETERINARY HUMAN TOXICOLOGY