Autism spectrum disorder has received increasing research in recent years, with more information on assessment and treatment than can be readily assimilated from primary literature by clinicians. Clinical Assessment and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders summarizes evidence-based assessments and intervention for Autism across the life-span, providing clinicians with a practical overview of how best to assess and treat this disorder. The book begins with a discussion of what warrants a determination of being "evidence based" and a description of the disorder from a life span perspective. The book also provides a chapter on differential diagnosis of autism relative to other disorders. What follows are separate sections on assessment and intervention. These chapters discuss first how to assess and then separately how to treat behavioral problems, communication and social skills issues, academic and vocational skills, and the use of pharmacology and an assessment of possible pharmacological effects. Intended for practitioners assessing and treating children with developmental delays, the book provides clinicians with best practices for assessing and treating delays associated with autism.

Key Features

* Covers the full range of Autism Spectrum Disorders * Covers the lifespan * Focuses on evidence-based assessment and treatment


Practitioners and academics in clinical and school psychology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, special education, and social work


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Johnny Matson

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Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA


Introduction Chapter 1 Assessment and Intervention in Autism: An Historical Perspective Amanda Richdale, Kimberly Schreck Chapter 2 Evidence Based Practice for Autism Spectrum Disorders Mary Jane Weiss, Kate Fiske, Suzannah Ferraioli Chapter 3 Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Lifespan Perspective Linda A. LeBlanc, Andrew R. Riley, Tina R. Goldsmith Assessment Chapter 4 Differential Diagnosis Marie Nebel-Schwalm, Johnny L. Matson Chapter 5 Assessment of Challenging Behaviors in People with Autism Spectrum Disorders Peter Sturmey, Laura Seiverling, John Ward-Horner Chapter 6 Communication and Social Skills Assessment Jeff Sigafoos, Ralf W. Schlosser, Vanessa A. Green, Mark O’Reilly, Giulio E. Lancioni Chapter 7 Assessment of Independent Living/Adaptive Skills Naomi Swiezy, Melissa Stuart, Patricia Korzekwa, Stacie Pozdol Chapter 8 Pharmacology Effects and Side Effects Luc Lecavalier, Kenneth Gadow Interventions Chapter 9 Challenging Behaviors Oliver C. Mudford, Angela M. Arnold-Saritepe, Katrina J. Phillips, Manine Maari Locke, I-Chen Sharon Ho, Sarah Ann Taylor Chapter 10 Communication Ralf W. Schlosser, Jeff Sigafoos Chapter 11 Teaching Adaptive Skills to People with Autism Karen Sheridan, Troy Raffield Chapter 12 Comprehensive Treatment Packages for ASD: Perceived vs. Proven Effectiveness<