Clinical Anatomy and Management of Cervical Spine Pain

1st Edition

Clinical Anatomy and Management of Back Pain Series


  • Lynton Giles
  • Kevin Singer
    • Print ISBN 9780750623971


    The text has been organised into three sections so that the information required by the reader can be easily accessed:

    *Section 1: introduces the reasoning behind the text as well as an
    overview of the neuroanatomy of the cervical spine
    *Section 2: the clinical anatomy, pathology and biomechanics of the
    cervical spine
    *Section 3: diagnosis and management

    This book is the second volume in the series of three books bringing together a truly multidisciplinary approach to the management of mechanical spinal pain. Each volume provides a thorough review and analysis of clinically relevant information on the basic sciences leading to diagnosis and treatment of mechanical spinal disorders. The books are aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate students of chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy, as well as all clinicians who seek a comprehensive review of mechanical spinal pain.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1: Introduction - Introduction: Section 2: Anatomy, Pathology and Biomechanics - Anatomy and pathology of the cervical spine; Cervicothoracic transitional junction; Normal kinematics of the cervical spine; Whiplash injuries: Section 3: Diagnosis and Management - Diagnostic imaging of mechanical and degenerative syndromes of the cervical spine; Medical management of neck pain of mechanical origin; Surgical management of cervical spine pain of mechanical origin; Chiropractic management of cervical spine pain of mechanical origin; Osteopathic management of cervical spine pain of mechanical origin; Physiotherapy management of cervical spine pain of mechanical origin; Contraindications to cervical spine manipulation


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    About the authors

    Lynton Giles

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Former Director, Mutidisciplinary Spinal Pain Unit and Honorary Clinical Scientist, Townsville General Hospitial, Queensland, Australia

    Kevin Singer

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Associate Professor, Centre for Musculoskeletal Studies, Department of Surgery, The University of Western Australia, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia