CIMA Revision Cards Financial Operations 2012-2013 edition

1st Edition


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    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are studying for the MAY & NOVEMBER 2013 CIMA examinations in this subject, this set of revision cards is for you. However, if you are studying for the NOVEMBER 2012 examinations in this subject, this set of revision cards are not for you, as it contains new material on changes to accounting standards. For further details and guidance see the CIMA global web site: Examinable legislation:

    If you are studying for NOVEMBER 2012 examinations only, in this subject, you need the previous edition of this Revision Card pack, which is: F1 Financial Operations, ISBN: 9780857324801

    The CIMA Official Revision Cards are the only printed revision aids endorsed by CIMA. They provide complete coverage of the CIMA syllabus in bite-sized chunks and will help you learn and memorise the most important areas.

    Based upon research into learning styles and effective recall they:
    • are highly visual and colourful which will be particularly effective for visual learners
    • can be rearranged and reorganized so they will appeal to kinaesthetic learners who prefer to learn by doing
    • reduce the content to the most important areas, making it far easier to digest and identify the relationships between key topics
    • include handy exam tips and guidance on topic weighting.

    Their small size makes them ideal for use anywhere, at home in the classroom or on the move.

    2012-2013 edition: Relevant for the F1 syllabus from Jan 1st 2013; examinations and assessments up to and including November 2013


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