CIMA Official Study Text Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting 2012-2013 edition

1st Edition


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    The CIMA OFFICIAL Study Text contains all the guidance you need to pass. It provides detailed practical advice on how to approach the case study examination and begins with a comprehensive explanation of how the case study exam works, how the learning aims are assessed and of the CIMA T4 Case Study assessment criteria.

    Using past T4 Case Study exams the text supports you through the process of analysing the pre-seen material and on to tackling the exam itself. Practice exercises help develop key skills such as prioritisation, commercial judgement and time management.

    In-depth analysis of a real-life student script illustrates how the exam is marked and provides tips on what and what not to do.

    Written by expert tutors and recommended by CIMA

    Written by expert Kaplan subject specialists who know what works for students and the only course text to be reviewed by the CIMA examining faculty and endorsed by CIMA.


    Using accessible language and engaging formats it helps you understand more complex areas and speeds up skills development. It is suitable for all methods of study.

    Supported with free online materials

    Fixed tests, supplementary materials and an electronic version of the book are available online – see inside for details.

    2012-2013 edition:

    Relevant for examinations and assessments up to and including May / September 2013


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