Cilia--the tiny hairlike structures on the surface of cells—-have recently been identified as playing a role in a variety of disease and developmental disorders. Absent or defective cilia in certain cells can cause infertility, blindness, kidney disease, and lung disease. This volume presents recent findings in cilia research and current thought on the role of cilia in disease and developmental abnormalities.


Researchers in cell, developmental, and molecular biology as well as researchers in genetics

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1. Assembly and function of the basal body Susan Dutcher 2. Cilia assembly and maintenance Lotte Pedersen and Joel Rosenbaum 3. Origin and Evolution of the cilium Peter Satir, David R. Mitchell, and Gaspar Jekely 4. Transport and targeting of ciliary proteins Gregory Pazour and Robert Bloodgood 5. Tubulin Modifications and Regulation of Cilia formation and function Jacek Gaertig 6. Ciliary functions in early embryo patterning and axis formation Martina Brueckner 7. Cilia mediated control of Wnt signaling activity Nicholas Katsanis 8. Ciliary function in regulating planar cell polarity of the inner ear Ping Chen 9. Ciliary role in hedgehog signaling activity Jeremy Reiter 10. Cilia regulation of cell migration during development and tissue repair Soren Christensen 11. Cilia involvement in patterning and maintenance of bone Rosa Serra and Courtney Haycraft 12. IFT in photoreceptor assembly and function Joe Besharse 13. Ciliary dysfunction disease Neeraj Sharma and Bradley Yoder


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