This two-volume work surveys the entire range of general aspects of chromosome research on plants. This first volume is divided into two sections. Section A consists of 11 chapters covering the entire range of general aspects of chromosome research in plants (including a chapter on genetic engineering in crop improvement). Section B is devoted to cytogenetics of cereals and millets (wheat, rye, barley, triticale, oats, maize, rice, pearl millet, and minor millets). More than one chapter is devoted to the same crop to give a detailed treatment of chromosome research (including molecular biology) in these crops.

The second volume deals with cytogenetics of plant materials including legumes, vegetable and oil crops, sugar crops, forage crops, fibre crops, medicinal crops and ornamentals. This work will be useful both as a reference work and a teaching aid to satisfy a wide range of workers. Every chapter has been written by an expert who has been involved in chromosome research on a particular plant material for many years.

Table of Contents

Preface. List of Contributors. SECTION A - GENERAL FEATURES. 1. Chromosome Manipulations in Higher Plants - An Overview (P.K. Gupta and T. Tsuchiya). 2. Terminology of Chromosome Numbers (A. Levan and A. Müntzing). 3. Genetic Engineering in Crop Improvement (W. Rohde, A. Marocco and F. Salamini). 4. Variation in Nuclear and Individual Chromosomal DNA Content and its Role in Evolution of Plants (Y. Furuta and K. Nishikawa). 5.Cytogenetics of Chromosome Interchanges in Plants (P.K. Gupta and S.N. Gupta). 6. Karyotype Reconstruction in Plants with Special Emphasis on Vicia faba L. (I. Schubert, R. Rieger and G. Künzel). 7. Cytogenetics of B-Chromosomes in Crops (R.N. Jones). 8. Cytogenetics of Polyploids and Their Diploid Progenitors (R.C. Jackson). 9. Monosomic Analysis in Maize and Other Diploid Crop Plants (D.F. Weber). 10. Cytogenetic Changes During Seed Storage (M. Murato). 11. Apomixis in Crop Plants - Cytogenetic Basis and Role in Plant Breeding (W.W. Hanna). SECTION B - CEREALS (AND MILLETS). 12.Cytogenetics of Wheat and its Close Wild Relatives - Triticum and Aegilops (P.K. Gupta). 13. Molecular Genetics of Wheat (P.K. Gupta, I. Altosaar and D.K. Garg). 14. Alien Genetic Variation in Wheat Improvement (A.K.M.R. Islam and K.W. Shepherd). 15. Chromosome Manipulation in Secale [Rye] (F.J. Zeller and M.-C. Cermenño). 16. Cytogenetics of Triticale - A Man-Made Cereal (P.K. Cupta and V.R.K. Reddy). 17. Chromosome Mapping by Means of Aneuploid Analysis in Barley (T. Tsuchiya). 18. Chromosome Manipulations in Barley Breeding (R.T. Ramage). 19. Production and Analysis of Chromosome Duplications in Barley (A. Hagberg and P. Hagberg). 20. Interspecific Hybrids within the Genus Hordeum (R. von Bothmer and N. Jacobsen). 21. Intergenetic Hybrids involving the Genus Hordeum (G. Fedak). 22. The Chromosomes of Avena (T. Rajhathy). 23. The Cytogenetic Evolution of Triticeae Grasses (S. Sakamoto). 24. Cytog


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