In an era when there is a rapidly increasing interest in and use of complementary and alternative health care, chiropractic remains the most commonly used of the alternatives. While much of the success of chiropractic lies in its clinical art, philosophy has always played a significant role in this health care practice, sometimes dividing the profession, while at other times unifying it. Ian Coulter's new book provides a unique look at the philosophy underpinning this profession and poses some intriguing questions - for example, what makes a chiropractic consultation unique? Many other therapies use manipulation, but Chiropractic is unique in combining this therapy with a holistic paradigm that has at its core a distinct philosophy of health that gives rise to a distinct view of health care.

Until now there has been a dearth of up-to-date published material to which the student and interested practitioner can refer. Chiropractic: A Philosophy for Alterative Health Care serves as a valuable source of information, concentrating on an area that is central to the study of this discipline. Written in an accessible and straightforward style, this text offers an invaluable insight into the philosophy of a widely practiced form of alternative health care. For chiropractors the work provides:

* A balanced reference source for both undergraduate and postgraduate chiropractic students that investigates the combination of philosophy and treatment to form a unique chiropractic experience
* Brings together the sociological writings on chiropractic to provide an essential textbook for undergraduates and a useful reference for practitioners
* A user-friendly core text that relates sociological and philosophical concepts to treatment methods

For other health professions and the general public the book provides a comprehensive account not only of chiropractic, but also of the philosophy underlying alternative health care. It provides some understanding of

Table of Contents

CONTENTS: Chiropractic philosophy has no future; The chiropractic paradigm; Metaphysical matters; A philsophy of chiropractic; The clinical art of chiropractic; Chiropractic and medicine as distinct health encounters; Epilogue; Index.


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