Table of Contents

Part I Theories and concepts in the composition of Chinese herbal formulas

Part II Syndromes and formula composition

1 Exterior syndrome and formula composition

1 Wind-Cold syndrome

2 Wind-heat syndrome

2 Accumulation syndrome and formula composition

1 Accumulation syndrome due to excess heat in the intestine

2 Accumulation syndrome due to excess cold in the Middle-Jiao

3 Syndrome of water accumulation

3 Internal heat syndrome and formula composition

Syndromes in warm-febrile diseases

1 Syndrome of heat at the Wei level (the Defensive level)

2 Syndrome of heat at the Qi level

3 Syndrome of heat at the Ying level (the Nutritive level)

4 Syndrome of heat at the Xue level (the blood level)

5 Syndrome of aftermath of warm-febrile diseases

Heat in different organs

6 Syndrome of heat in the Heart and Small Intestine

7 Syndrome of heat in the Liver

8 Syndrome of heat in the Stomach and Large Intestine

9 Syndrome of damp-heat in the Spleen and Large Intestine

10 Syndrome of heat in the Lung

11 Syndrome of heat in the Kidney and Bladder

4 The internal cold syndrome and formula composition

The internal cold syndrome

5 Deficiency syndrome and formula composition

Syndrome of Qi deficiency

1 Syndrome of Spleen-Qi deficiency

2 Syndrome of Lung-Qi deficiency

3 Syndrome of Heart-Qi deficiency

Syndrome of blood deficiency

4 Syndrome of Liver-blood deficiency

5 Syndrome of Heart-blood deficiency

Syndrome of Yin deficiency

6 Syndrome of Lung-Yin deficiency

7 Syndrome of Stomach-Yin deficiency

8 Syndrome of Heart-Yin deficiency

9 Syndrome of Liver-Yin deficiency

10 Syndrome of Kidney-Yin deficiency

Syndrome of Yang de


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