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PART ONE an INTRODUCTION to DIET THERAPY in TCM: Chapter 1 the Concept, Origin and Development of Diet Therapy in TCM: Concept of TCM Dietary Therapy, Origin and Development of TCM Dietary Therapy . Chapter 2 General Properties of Food: Nature and Taste of Food, Channel Propensities of Food. Chapter 3 the Application of Foods: Combination of Foods, Balanced Diet, Appropriate Use of Food, Preparation of Food, Diet Prohibitions. Chapter 4 the Principles of Dietary Therapy in TCM: Holism in Dietary Therapy, Administration of Diets Based on the Differentiation of Symptoms and Signs. Chapter 5 Principal Methods of Dietary Therapy: Method of Invigorating Qi and Replenishing the Spleen, Method of Enriching Blood and Nourishing Yin, Methods of Tonifying the Kidney and Replenishing the Essence, Method of Reinforcing the Stomach and Promotingthe Production of Body Fluids. Chapter 6 Dietetic Hygiene. PART TWO the PROPERTIES and APPLICATION of FOODS: Chapter 7 Water and Land Vegetables, Fungi, Seaweeds. Chapter 8 Fruits. Cultivated and Wild. Chapter 9 Cereals, Pulses and Nuts. Chapter 10 Fowls and Animals. Chapter 11 Fish, Turtle, Clam and Crab. Chapter 12 Condiments and Miscellaneous. PART THREE DIET RECIPES and DIET PROHIBITIONS for COMMON ILLNESSES: Chapter 13 Internal Illnesses. Chapter 14 Gynecological Diseases. Chapter 15 Pediatric Diseases. Chapter 16 External Diseases and Traumas. Chapter 17 Complaints of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Glossary of Herbs.


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