Child Protection & Adult Mental Health

1st Edition

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  • Amy Weir
  • Anthony Douglas
    • Print ISBN 9780750629041

    Table of Contents

    An introduction to the issues: a new holistic approach outlined; The real risks children face: the role and perspective of the child psychiatrist; Families coping with mental health problems: the role and perspective of the general adult psychiatrist; Professional challenges and dilemmas; Parenting as a civil right: supporting service users who choose to have children; Risk assessments of infants born to parents with a mental health problem or a learning disability; Postnatal depression in the context of changing patterns of childcare: the implications for primary prevention; Working with parents with mental health problems: management of the many risks; Understanding the needs of children and families from different cultures; The user's perspective: the experience of being a parent with a mental health problem; The size of the task facing professional agencies; Crossing over between services: the Lewisham experience; The contribution of the voluntary sector to innovation and development; Providing services to children and families where the parent has a mental health problem: the Australian experience; Managing strategies for change in childcare and mental health services in Bath and North East Somerset; Building bridges: lessons for the future.


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