The Chemistry for Protection of the Environment series of conferences has become a most prestigious gathering of leading international scientists and engineers. Like its predecessors, this sixth conference brought together chemists and chemical engineers involved in environmental protection activities from all over the world.

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Foreword (L. Pawlowski, W.J. Lacy). Modelling - A powerful tool in environmental management (S.E. Jørgensen). Characterization, distribution and dispersion of typical pollutants in an ecosystem (G. Ostacoli). A methodology for environmental radioactivity monitoring. First application to the Po River (northern Italy) (S. Malcevschi et al.). The impact of organosilicon compounds on the aquatic environment, according to international criteria (R. Firmin, A.L.J. Raum). Health effect of ash from coal gasification and interaction with cadmium in rats (T. Maljkovic et al.). Experimental evaluation of elution phenomena (G. Genon, F. Marchese). Removal of cadmium from aqueous solution using adsorptive bubble separation techniques (S.-D. Huang, T.-F. Wang). Recovery of heavy metals by crystallization in the pellet factor: a promising development (M. Scholler et al.). Removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewaters (S.T. Gashi et al.). Leaching of heavy metals from solid wastes in landfill site (M. Baldi et al.). Synthesis and characterization of cellulose xanthate chelating exchangers for heavy metal removal and recovery from wastewaters (G. Tiravanti et al.). Application of new adsorbents for removal of arsenic from drinking water (J. Hlavay et al.). Determination of alpha-emitting nuclides of thorium and uranium in soil and sediment samples (P. Spezzano, N. Silvestri). A new adsorbent for wastewater treatment (M. Korczak, J. Kurbiel). Modelling sorption and degradation of toxic and hazardous substances in ground water systems (C.G. Uchrin, T.E. Lewis). Development of a rational approach to trickling filter design (G.A. Holder, G. Vaughan). Treatability studies of textile wastewater (S.I. Abo-Elela et al.). The chemical regeneration and subsequent volatilization of exhausted activated carbon (R.J. Martin, W.J. Ng). Purification of wastewater from the beneficiation of pitchblend ores: removal of hazardous chemical and radioactive impurities (C. Feldman). Absorptivi


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