Environmental pollution is a universal problem which threatens the continued existence of mankind, rendering it one of the primary concerns of society. This book provides a comprehensive view of the chemistry and biology of water, air and soil, particularly those aspects connected with the protection of the environment.

The first part of the book presents fundamental information on the chemistry and biology of water in its natural state, and the effects of water pollution from industry, traffic, agriculture and urbanization. It covers the composition of natural, service and wastewaters as well as methods of chemical and biological water analysis and water treatment. The second part deals with atmospheric problems, particularly the basic composition of atmosphere and the different sources of its pollution, methods of restriction, and air analysis. The final part of the volume focuses on the characteristics of soil and soil components, natural and anthropogenous soil processes, the chemistry, biology and microbiology of soil, and soil analysis.

This book will be of great value to chemists, biologists, physicians, pharmacists, farmers, veterinarians and university students, as well as to those engaged in the sphere of environmental protection.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction (J. Tölgyessy). 2. Water, Air and Soil - Fundamental Sources of the Biosphere (J. Tölgyessy). 2.1 Biosphere. 2.2 Air. 2.3 Water. 2.4 Soil. 3. The Chemistry of Water (J. Tölgyessy et al.). 3.1 Composition and structure of pure water (J. Tölgyessy). 3.2 Physical properties of water and aqueous solutions (J. Tölgyessy). 3.3 Chemical reactions and equilibria in waters (J. Prousek). 3.4 Chemical composition of water (P. Pitter, J. Prousek). 3.5 Natural waters (J. Tölgyessy). 3.6 Drinking water (M. Piatrik). 3.7 Service and industrial waters (J. Tölgyessy). 3.8 The recipient and its pollution (M. Piatrik). 3.9 Wastewaters (M. Piatrik). 3.10 Physical, physico-chemical and chemical methods of treatment and purification (M. Piatrik). 3.11 Sludges, their disposal and utilization (J. Tölgyessy). 3.12 Chemical analysis of water (J. Tölgyessy). 4. Biology of Water (V. Betina, V. Frank). 4.1 Foundations of the ecology of aquatic organisms (V. Frank). 4.2 Microbiology of water (V. Betina). 4.3 Macroorganisms in surface waters (V. Frank). 4.4 Macroorganisms of groundwaters and springs (V. Frank). 4.5 Biological wastewater treatment (V. Frank). 5. Chemistry of Air (A. Moncmanová et al.). 5.1 Composition and structure of air (A. Moncmanová, J. Lesný). 5.2 Polluted air (A. Moncmanová, J. Lesný). 5.3 The formation of pollutants in industry and transportation (J. Tölgyessy, Š. Morávek, M. Harangozó). 5.4 Emission control (A. Moncmanová, J. Palatý). 5.5 The analysis of the atmosphere (J. Tölgyessy, J. Lesný). 6. The Biology of the Atmosphere (V. Betina, V. Frank). 6.1 Microbiology of the atmosphere (V. Betina). 6.2 Air palynology (V. Frank). 7. The Chemistry of Soil (V. Frank, J. Tölgyessy). 7.1 Soil structure (V. Frank


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