This is the second volume in a series of critical reviews of the chemical thermodynamic data of those elements of particular importance in the safety assessment modeling of high-level radioactive waste storage and disposal facilities. The objective of these reviews is to provide a set of reliable thermodynamic data that can be used to describe the behaviour of these elements under conditions relevant for radioactive waste disposal systems and the geochemical environments. The present volume is a review of experimental data reported in the literature for americium. On a few occasions, where no data existed, comparisons and estimates were made based on experimental data on analog lanthanide elements. The basic philosophy was to develop a minimum set of solid phases and solution species of americium that would fit all experimental data being reviewed.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Background. Focus of the review. Isotopes of americium. Review procedure and results. Standards, Conventions, and Contents of the Tables. Symbols, terminology and nomenclature. Units and conversion factors. Standard and reference conditions. Fundamental physical constants. Uncertainty estimates. The NEA-TDB system. Presentation of the selected data. Selected Americium Data. Selected Auxiliary Data. Discussion of Data Selection. Elemental americium. Simple americium aqua ions. Oxygen and hydrogen compounds and complexes. Group 17 (halogen) compounds and complexes. Group 16 (chalcogen) compounds and complexes. Group 15 compounds and complexes. Group 14 compounds and complexes. Group 13 compounds. Group 9 compounds. Group 6 complexes. Group 5 complexes. Group 4 complexes. Actinide compounds and complexes. Group 2 (alkaline-earth) and group 3 compounds. Group 1 (alkali) compounds. Reference List. Authors list. Formula List. A. Discussion of Selected References. B. Ionic Strength Corrections. The specific ion interaction equations. Ion interaction coefficients versus equilibrium constants for ion pairs. Tables of ion interaction coefficients. C. Assigned Uncertainties. One source datum. Two or more independent source data. Several data at different ionic strengths. Procedures for data handling. D. Corrections to the Uranium NEA-TDB Review. Introduction. Uranium trichloride. Aqueous uranium hydroxide complexes. Uranium carbonate complexes and compounds. Uranium minerals. References to Appendix D. List of Tables. List of Figures.


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